Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Father's Present to His Daughter

Yesterday, I told you about Frita sending me a note, some partially written letters, and a dirty rag.  The note asked me to figure out this puzzle “game.”  When I called my parents yesterday, Frita answered.

Frita: So you got the package I sent.
Me: hehe Why, yes I did. 
Frita: but you didn’t figure out what it was.
Me: hehe You mean, the DIRTY RAG you sent me?
Frita: Yes, but do you know what the significance is?
Me: hehe I can honestly say, I have no idea. 
Frita: You know that shelf you have in your room?
(There is a shelf that runs high above the length of my room.  If my memory serves me, it contains two pairs of wooden shoes from Holland, a couple of big floppy and/or straw hats, some stuffed animals, cabbage patch kids, (including one from that crazy must have Christmas that my Aunt Audrye got me), and possibly a troll doll or two.)
Me: Yes, I know the shelf.
Frita: I cleaned it. 
Me: And sent me the dirty rag as proof?
Frita: Actually, I needed two because I cleaned those collectors’ plates and roses from Erika.  But I didn’t think you needed both rags.
Me: (Laughing too hard to speak)
Frita: I can’t believe you.
Me: hehe That I didn’t notice that you cleaned? When did you do this?
Frita: Last week.  No, I can’t believe you didn’t recognize the dust that you’ve been living with for years.
Me: hehe.  I’m sorry I didn’t recognize my own dust, Frita.  Hehe. 
Frita: Also, I don’t want to crush the view that you and Lucas have on the world, but the country in South America is “Chile”. 
Me:  I know.  This has been bothering you for a while huh?  If it makes you feel better, originally, Lucas said, “South Africa.” 
Frita:  That doesn’t make me feel better.  I know that family you live with do things differently out there. 
Me:  They are very visual people.
Frita: So am I! And all I could envision was a bowl of hearty chili that was too small to clap in!  Here’s your mother.
Momela: Hi.
Me: Rachel asked me if you knew about what Frita was up to.
Momela: I don’t pay attention to how he occupies his time.  Why, what did he do now?

So, I told her. 

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