Saturday, May 2, 2015

B is for Botox

Update 4/7 - 4/12

I arrived back to Washington just in time for my birthday.  My co-workers had left presents and balloons at my desk, and in return, I made them take me to the Pancake House for lunch (with special appearance by Becky!)  Other than all the work I had to do all day (why again is your birthday not a legitimate reason to take a holiday again?) it was a pretty lovely day.  That evening, I threw myself a little shin dig at Flat Stick Pub with the perfect combination of friends, fam, beer, mini golf, pizza, cake and my puppy too. Not too shabby for a celebration, if you ask me, even if Ryan did mock me mercilessly for throwing myself a party. He thought it was particularly pathetic that I bought myself a cake (the princess torte obvi).  I thought that was pretty normal, and I don't really want to think too hard about in case it really isn't.  Lord knows Percy isn't going to throw one for me. 

Zach is plotting another event.  In involves 4K bouncy balls, so you can look forward that in future updates.  During the discussion of said event:
Tristan: I'm invited?
Zach: Part of being my roommate means you have to go to things. By the way, my mom's birthday is tomorrow.
Tristan: Really?
Zach: Yes, and we're going to dinner at Norm's.
Me: See you there, Tristan!

Kelly printed and framed some awesome pictures for me.  There were some additional photos that she printed that I can only image that they are for when I get tired of the framed images and want to swap them out.  How thoughtful!  One was of all of us being sprayed by elephants.

Me: And this was the best day ever, and that there is Zach really enjoying standing in elephant feces.  

The following day we celebrated Dawne and Raymond's birthday, with special guests Drew and Bre, my Florida cousins.  This is Percy waiting for their arrival. Michelle, Stacey's sister, after seeing so many pictures of Percy at bars and other events has decided that she wants to be reincarnated as my dog in her next life.  Me too, Michelle, me too.

Raymond was "kind" enough to buy me a book called "B is for Botox" a midlife crisis handbook.  Adorable.  Apparently I'm going to die in my 60's then?  He asked that I not throw it at him after opening.  Of course I didn't.  I'm keeping it so I can give it to him on his next birthday because by then he'll forget that he gave it to me.  :P

Here is Bailey, looking gorgeous with her formal date.  This reminds me of when I got the pictures back from my Junior Prom and I asked my dad if he wanted to see them and his response was, "No. I was there, I saw it then."  Not a fan of the photography profession, clearly. 

The rest of the week I was sick which is awful.  I slept through most of it, including another opportunity to hang out with the Florida cousins again, which I was super bummed about.  Dawne told me it wouldn't be nice to rally just enough to give them the flu so I went back to bed.  The only other time I awoke from my sick was to get some lunch at crossroads.  When we got there, Zach & Jordan were still demoing games.  That's when Dawne suggested that we check out the threading place.  This is when I flat out cried.  So much so that I couldn't see anything in the mirror when she showed me my newly sculpted eyebrow.  When she tried to do the second one, I tried to tell her, "You know what, I'm okay being uneven." She just laughed and continued to cause me pain.  After that delightful experience, she asked if I wanted a membership.  Maybe it was because I was sick, or because I hate pain, but after eating half my lunch I went back home to hibernate for another 40 hours.  (And yes, my eyebrows do look amazing.)

Pretty sure this isn’t Frita’s car… but it’s definitely what his new license plate should be:

I know this is a little on the short side but on the upside, I think the next two updates will be really short just so I can maybe possibly get up-to-date all in one day.  Fingers crossed!

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