Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Labor for Mother's Day

Update 5/4 - 5/10

Zach: My Man Godfrey it's my favorite 1920 Great Depression movie.
Lucas: That is a very specific category.

This is how Percy wakes me up, right before he kisses my nose. 

I was chatting with my college roommate Julie and then the following day I happened to come across this article about things you still miss about your roommates.  I really do miss those late night walks around campus -- likely with the rape whistle Erika made me carry while she stayed in to chat with Kenny. 

I was so excited to see these flowers arrive from Kevin for (god)mothers day! Now, if I can just keep it alive long enough to plant it in my new place (where ever that ends up being.) No pressure of course, but it would be pretty awesome to look out and see a reminder of Kevin every day. 

I came home saw that Lucas and Arda were looking for something to do to entertain their friend, so I pulled out the lite brites along with the etch-a-sketch.  I'm must really have Halo on the brain because without even thinking about it, I sketched-a-sanghelii, kinda.

Kelly and I went to the park with her parents and then went house hunting with Jason all day on Saturday only to find out later that apparently it was his birthday and I felt awful about not knowing. Kelly stopped to get her can and then came over to jump into the pool.  I think it was the first time that she saw Percy with his lobster pool toy.  For seriously an hour straight he did laps until we decided to get out and I had to tell him he had to stop. 

Mother's Day we "gifted" Dawne with a day of manual labor packing up the yellow house.  While we waited for everyone to get up, Zach and I ran out and got coffee and croissants and then played some Splendor with my fancy new chips and play mat that Zach got me at a convention.  Yes, I was super excited about this gift because yes, I am a nerd. 

My job was to clear out the kitchen.  Even with the least emotional room, I still was kinda sad about saying farewell to the house that had such lovely memories.  I gave Lucas the job of emptying out the alcohol.

I saw this exchange that I thought you might enjoy:
Jared worked from home today so, Becky got to hear his end-of-day-exchange with himself: "Well, it's 5PM.  This is a problem for Future Jared.  And we know what Future Jared says, "Past Jared is a jerk." And Past Jared is all like, "Future Jared is a chump and keeps doing all my work for me!"

More to come!

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