Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Human On the Earth

Alright! The big news this week was that my friend had a baby.   And the hilarious part about this was the thread that was happening before and after delivery. I'll try to get the highlights for you, leaving out names cuz it gets a little personal.

D: It's baby time... off the to the hospital!
All: Wahoo!!
K: How far dilated are you?
D: 90% effaced 5cm
E: Unsubscribe!!! Jk. I care how dilated you are.
D: haha riiiight who wants to talk about my downtown.
E: Also.  Due to autocorrect, I realize I have been incorrectly saying diALated my whole life. So this is embarrassing.
J: D, Unbeknownst to you, I'm always talking about your downtown.
M: If this is typical DH birth, we will get a text in 4 minutes with a pic of the baby.
D: 7-8 come on baby!
D: She's here! Just waiting for a cleaner picture of her. Abigail Ann 7lbs 5 oz 21 inches 12:37.
All: Wahoo!! Congrats! Beautiful! How are you doing?
D: Great!
All: More wahoos and hearts!
Pictures were shared
All: You look awesome! Yay!
D: Oh thank you - but if you notice her BLACK hair?
E: I did.  I just assumed a neighbor friend had black hair. Hey-o!
J: Haha yes.  Like jet black. D you have some explaining to do.
E: But seriously.  I thought newborns could be born with any color hair that could change or fall our and then be a different color.  When they come out half black or Asian, then you have some tap dance explaining to do.
ALL: Ha ha!
J: (Dad) loved not the father jokes!
DA: how is she sucking D? Is she taking to the teet?
D: Haha yes she took right to it.
E: way to kill the chain with a sucking comment, DA
E: In summation: The width of D's cervix, theres a new human on the earth with questionable parentage, and someone's got D's boob in their mouth.  Overall a great day to be born!

Me: Did you pick up Percy?
Zach: Nope picked up the other dog that was at your place and Percy was jealousy as hell.

It's important to be passionate in life and if your passion is ice, good for you.

James: I almost hit Ryan with this.
Me: You shouldn't hit ppl with glasses.
James: Hey, I have glasses!
Me: Do you like being hit?
James: I don't mind it.

And one more week written!

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