Monday, November 21, 2016

Stye Eye

Update 11/14 - 11/20

Tuesday was the 15th anniversary of Halo & Xbox - very exciting!  To celebrate, we had events going on all day, but also we did the Mannequin Challenge:

Plus someone gave me a shout out for my novel reading chief impression. :) 

On Wednesday, I woke up with my eye almost completely swollen shut with a stye on the inside of my eyelid.  It was so hurty, and the doctor sent me home with a heat compress instead of medicine.  I spent the next two days becoming BFF's with uber drivers so I could still go to the park and work and all that jazz.  We had a partner in down on Thursday, and I felt really bad b/c I was so grumpy.  I also reviewed Zach's cards, and was in such blurry eyed pain, I had to call my dad to help verify I was putting commas in the right place.  I had dinner with D&J on Friday night, and then they, very kindly, drove me home.  Luckily, by Saturday, I was feeling much better and on Sunday was back to driving. 

I also found time to send Thanksgiving cards, which were much cheerier than I felt at the time.  Being relatively house bound and with my go to entertainment busy or out of town I got down to being super productive.  First, I plunged into the depths of my delinquency and got 7 of 33 emails I need to get done.  Yeah buddy!  I also got pictures printed, cut them to the right size, filled out cards, addressed & stamped those card and now they are ready for me to send for Christmas.   I also made two batches of cinnamon sugar almonds & cashews (for holiday co-worker gifts), made brownies for thanksgiving, wrapped about 60 presents, did laundry, packed for Thanksgiving, ordered snacks and fun for our Gilmore Girls viewing party, watched a season (or more) of Gilmore Girls, cleaned my place, gave Percy a bath, and ordered some more presents.  So not hilarious, but um, uber uber productive. 

And I'm sending a Monday "email" on a Monday! Boom!

I hope all have a love Thanksgiving!

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