Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Becky is the Best

Update 7/27 – 8/2

It was just me, Lucas and the pups this week.  Maybe D&J were at Gen Con? That sounds like something that they would do.  I tried to take all of the pups over to the park every day, and because it was so warm out, Nala was a big fan of jumping into the lake and then rolling around in the dirt.  Such a lady.  Percy was more of an observer of her shenanigans.

The pups also spent every day with Tess at daycare.  Here’s Casper getting all the folks at daycare to fall in love with him. 

A quick snap of Percy standing in the pool demanding that we go swimming. 

Lucas was playing around with an umbrella inside the house, including holding it over his head. 
Me: Oh honey you know how I feel about getting bad luck from superstitious things... I feel very strongly about it
Lucas: It's too late
Me: It's never too late to change your future, Lucas. 

I keep sneaking in throwback stories. Partially because I can't remember what happened, and partially because I spent much of these weeks so wrapped up in remodeling that I didn't have time for much else. So here's one that I thought of randomly. Back in college, I came home for the summer and had dinner with Maureen, her friend Sue, and Sue's boyfriend Dan. It was the first time that I had met Sue's future husband and I liked him immensely and immediately. I don't remember why, but for whatever reason Sue kept making comments as if she was embarrassed about something that Dan was doing. In response, and I'll never forget this, Dan put his whole hand into his mashed potatoes and ate them out of his hand. If only I had been able to take a picture of that classic moment. 

Shana asked me if this might be me using a pen name.  It wasn't, but I sure do think it would be a fun experiment. 

This is my little buddy furiously ripping out the soul of the little chirping bird he got for Easter. 

Matt Bellasai is one of my new favorite people. 

On Saturday, I was heading out to meet Kelly for a manicure when I asked Lucas if he wanted join. He did! 

There was a little girl there, around 5 or 6 who was getting her 5th manicure. I asked Lucas, "Did she pick the same color?" He picked a bold green.

Lucas: Getting ready for the sounders game.
Me: When are you going? 
Lucas: With Donna and her husband. 
(From Parks and Rec) 

Lucas and I grabbed some crepes along with these completely adorable cups of water.  (If you look closely, Lucas is wearing a Luke's Diner shirt from GG.) 

And then we had an impromptu party at the house and while I don’t remember much of it, I do remember having a really super fun time, which is what really matters.  Oh! Yes! Becky and Jared made the party perfect by stopping by to make us all Taco’s.  And right before she made me Taco’s, I broke down and confessed to her.  See, right after she spent an entire day being a super friend by painting my popcorn ceilings, I ended up having to take all the popcorn ceilings down because of all the other work being done.  Then I told her all my woes, and she forgave me and allowed me to eat dinner.  She’s the best. 

And to wrap up the week, here's another throwback to Laina and Mo's wedding complete with commentary from Ethan. 

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