Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hella Gucci

Update 8/3 – 8/9

I received this package in “pristine” condition at work. 

Still getting used having painted toes…
Lucas: Every Time I look at my feet I'm like what.

Lucas making lunch: This is Hella Gucci. Gucci bread, Gucci cheese. It's not actually made by Gucci it's just an expression.

Lucas was rushing to make lunch and get over to Eliza's to help her with chores but got distracted. After seeing that he was running late…
Lucas: Maybe me helping to clean her room will be more symbolic than practical.

Lots of work got done on the condo this week – at lightning speed actually.  The tile went down, on a diagonal, and it looks beautiful!  Still needs to be grouted, but it made me really happy.  Also, I got my exploding kittens in the mail!

Zach was talking about stuffing a sack full of peanuts (I don’t know why) when I said that Lucas might having something to say about that plan.
Lucas: Yeah, goodnight sweet prince.

Zach: Siri deleted herself off my phone
Jordan: You really do have trouble dating.

Friday, I got my permanent crown put in. I had just barely gotten over the pain from the temporary crown, so this was extremely hurty. I also got some pretty awful news from my HOA, so I did what anyone would in my situation: I came home early and went to sleep.

On Saturday night I hung out with Raymond, having some adult beverages while his wife and daughters enjoyed Taylor Swift.  The next day, Raymond and his fam came over to the house. Ashley was commenting on how super cool her Uncle Jordan's MG is.

Jordan: When I first got that car, Zach was around 7. I told him to get in and is give him a ride.
lil Zach: I can't sit in the front seat because of the airbags. I'm too young.
Jordan: Airbags? This car doesn't even have seat belts.

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