Saturday, September 19, 2015

Table Dog

Update 8/10 – 8/16

Lucas’ girlfriend Eliza has a nickname for Percy that she uses exclusively, “Table Dog.”  He got this name by always being on the table when she walks into the house.  I don’t usually see him on the table, but I do know that he will get on the table in order to see me through the window, and on occasion, will move to the counter top to get a better view.  Mostly, I miss this “trick” because by the time I get to the door, he has jumped down to greet me, jumping oh so high and proceeding to shower me with such love and adoration that I am positive he will never be reprimanded.  I saw this doodle when I was downstairs – spot on. 

I was at work, and realized that there was a team even/launch party in which Macklemore was going to perform.
Me, to co-worker: Going to random free concerts is my thing!
Despite that fact, I couldn’t get away from work to go to the work party, so I listened to Macklemore on YouTube instead from my desk.  Same diff. Adrien got to go though…

Um, I have a note about a “Local real estate party” but I also don’t remember attending said gala.  If I had more energy I’d make up a story here, but I don’t.  Maybe you could and write me back with it? J   I lost my wallet this week.  At first I didn’t look too terribly hard because I figured it would totally show up.  But then, I looked hard enough that it seemed as though it wouldn’t just magically appear.  I was also worried that I might actually need one of those three cards, so I started the process of getting new ones.  (I can say this because I’m so far behind in updates… I walked into a local deli/bakery two weeks later after I replaced everything and they said, “Oh! We were waiting for you to return!” and handed me my wallet.)  Percy walked over to Dawne with one of his favorite things in his mouth.

Dawne: Percy wants me to know that he's better than you.
Me: Why because he can find his wallet? He's a jerk.

I went down stairs the other day, and Lucas totally created a theme song for Zach’s kick starter in like ten minutes.  And it sounded amazing.  That kid, man.  Here is the first thing he put together (let’s say 2 min into the 10 when it was brilliant.)

Lucas and Eliza decided to put together a chart of food they like, and I’m going to share because I can. 

On Friday, I headed over to Laina and Mo’s for Mo’s retirement from the coast guard party.  And who was there? Anderson! (He brought his parents too.)

Shana’s mom, Jackie: Did you not bring him socks?
Dr. Rach: I forgot.  L
Jackie: His feet are cold.
Me: You're a great mom.
Shana: Don't listen to her.
Laina: She drinks.

Discussing going back to work after having a baby.
Jackie: I went back to work right away. I was going to throw her up against the wall. Shana is here today because her dad jumped up to save her.

The subject of “Alien Egg Dildo” came up while we were outside.  Some people thought it might not be appropriate to share the video on other people’s FB walls, and we weren’t even sure we wanted to watch it at all.
Mo: You're at my house.  We're watching the video.
I was uncomfortable watching this video at all, never mind with Shana’s Dad, so I just hung out with Percy. 

Saturday morning we got to have a lovely chat with Kathi made possible by Skype!

She’s been having a difficult time at work lately.  Mainly, that there isn’t enough work to do.  Or in Kathi’s words, “I’m reading the internet start to finish.”  As I’ve been in in her situation before (note this isn’t by far not my current situation) I had a couple of tips to entertain her while making it look like she’s working. 

Kath was telling us about “Wooly World.”
Jordan: Did it make you want to see Sean the sheep?
Kathi:  Kinda - I'm reading a book where the sheep are the detective because the shepherd got killed and they have to figure out who did it. 

I’m positive she was serious, but just listening to that description made me giggle.

Then we were talking about Lucas wanting to transfer to Evergreen in the spring. 
Jordan: Their mascot is the Geoducks if that is any indication.

Kathi: I wanted to find a new couple activity that we could do while we chat about our day but it turns out Puzzling is really exhausting.  After a while he said, “I'm not doing this sh*t.” So I ended up finishing it myself.  It was a really hard one.
Me: Oh yeah? As hard as the Campbell Soup can that it 60% white?  That was the hardest puzzle of my life. 

That evening, I was invited to Marc & Lynn’s French themed party.  Their daughter Ali did all the cooking and it was omigoodness delicious.  Of course I complained that one of the 7 types of cookies she made tasted more like Italian, but she gave it a French name so I assume she’s just really good at bluffing.  They had people playing music to really make you feel like you were on the streets of Paris, and there were mustaches for everyone, so we basically were in a different country.   We met a lot of lovely people but one couple in particular was super amusing.  They joked around about how he is extremely influential in Mexico.  I inquired about his profession.

Him: We were in the tequila business.
Her: It is NOT tequila.
She then proceeded to explain how tequila is basically dirty bath water compared the to the (insert type name here) that they made.  It was the most animated I saw her the whole evening.

As they were leaving.
Him: I'm going to read your blog.
Kelly: Tell your friends in Mexico!

Then I took Kelly over to my condo and showed her the place in mid progress.  Then she validated everything I had done, because she’s a great friend. 

Then Sunday happened, and I’m sure it was awesome.

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