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MAY 2016

Update 5/2 - 5/8

Hi Friend!

Not so exciting week.  Finally moved some work boxes out of storage so I finally don't have to do an expense report every month! Yay! (I really am getting old aren't I?)

I also went to meet with my HOA, where they denied my requests, including using my contractor who cost a third of the 12,000 that their contractor cost.  But I did get to explain, step by step, about how they charged me for late fees for bills they never sent me, for things I never agreed to pay for, especially as they were double charging me for lawyer bills.  It was a delight, but the good news is that I managed to make it to my car before I burst into tears.  Yay!

Shana decided to crash her new bosses wedding, so of course I joined!  It was super fun, and there were rootbeer floats. 

Kelly also had an opportunity to enter a contest to win Sasquatch Glamping tickets (Spoiler alert she won!) The pictures were amaze-balls. 

I discovered the video of Chris Evan's saying, "I don't wike it" and now it is permanently in my vocabulary.

My four leaf clover, that I keep in my phone case, broke.  When we were at the dog park, I told Kelly and asked her to keep a look out for a new one. 

Kelly: Actually, I found three yesterday - take your pick!
Me: See! I told you it was her super power!
Lucas: Worst super power ever. 

Tom's parents were in town from NZ, so Zach and I joined Tom, Kelly, their parents and some siblings for Polish Fest.  Only Polish Fest was crazy popular so we got some coffee at Elliot Bay Book Co before brunch at Oddfellows.  When I asked about my summer, I told everyone how super psyched I was about seeing Billy Joel and Salt-n-Pepa!!

Tom: Ven diagram of people who are equally excited about Billy Joel and Salt n Pepa has got to be pretty tiny.
Me: There is plenty of room around me and my sister!

Alright people, I was afraid of this, I have no idea what all of my notes mean so I'll just leave these random's in hope that someone can remind me when they read it. 

Fortune cookie
Rehabilitation school for troubled adults.

Pre wedding
Pre honeymoon

And have a cigarette if you want cancer! 

Much Love,

Update 5/9 - 5/15

Hi Friend,

Erika had a fourth kid this week! That's exciting!  Pretty sure it was 5/12 and her name is Elouise Rae!

Speaking of kids, this is from my friend with the two sets of twins:
At Charlotte and John's 4 year check up with all four kids. It's going great then this:

Dr: Charlotte, John, can you tell me about your mom? (Trying to engage them to evaluate their speech)
Charlotte: mommy is nice but sometimes she forgets things.
Dr: well, sometimes mommy's forget things.
Sophie: (interrupting dr) she forgot my soccer practice.
Connor: (without even a pause) she even forgot about coming here today
(Totally not even their appointment)
John: and sometimes she even says shit.
Dr: well, I think their speech is pretty advanced...
Jen: 😨😨😨😨

The HOA made me more and more angry, but I'll spare you details if for no other reason than I'm over it!  I stopped by Pam's for some wine and a long overdue catch up on Friday night. 

Saw this quote from, I want to say Obama, but that's probably fake news.  Also, fake news was still funny in May!  Remember? “I want to thank him for his friendship, for his counsel, for always giving it to me straight, for not shooting anybody in the face. Thank you, Joe.”

I bought a lawn mower, like one of those push, not at all motorized mowers for my tiny yard and it's kinda perfect - and I didn't even hurt myself when I put it together!  I also went to home depot and got a bunch of those ground cover plants and loosely planted them all around my yard.  And I cut two of my roses and marveled in how pretty they looked on my counter. 

And finally, I celebrated an epic lady-date night at the Pink Door with Becky for her birthday! The show was hilarious, the food scrumptious and the company was as always a delight!

Much Love,


Update 5/16 - 5/22

Okay, the HOA made me spend 3X as much to use their contractor to move the wall.  The only bright light was that their contractor came over to evaluate and told me (and he has been to all the units) that mine is by far the best unit.  Yay!

In other news, my coworker Corrinne found a spider and then wiped it on me.  My other co-worker Joey told me about the wonders of Ballerina Tea, which is basically something his sister, a dancer, used to drink to make herself sick.  Wow, right?

And then at some point this week we made Root beer floats with Baileys, and I have no idea what the occasion was! But it sounds super yummy.

I asked Becky to go with me to see Billy Joel.  Now she didn't know every single line of every song, but she put her all into it and that counts for everything!  We had super awesome seats on the floor and he was everything I ever wanted. 

Me: is that Gavin DeGraw?
Becky: I think so?
Me: He's doing great for being so drunk!

When we were leaving, there was this one car up in front of the exit that was blocking the rest of the lot from leaving.  This guy was feeling intimidated by the crowd of people and wouldn't move.  So Becky gets out of the car and literally creates a space in the crowd for him and he still doesn't move.  So, my and my fiat did basically a 3 point turn and squeezed between the space of that car and the car behind it, and out the side and just drove into the crowd - a crowd who obviously knew how to make a space.  It was glorious. 

Not sure if Jen wanted me to share this, but I'm gonna!
Jen: Lily just threw a fit about something and was an insufferable twit while we were talking about it. After she stormed off June looked at me and said in her most exasperated tone: "Jeeeeeesus"
Shana: F*ck I love that kid.

We were at the park and I told Kelly that I needed a new four leaf clover because the one in my phone case had dried up and fallen apart.  That's when she reached into her back pack and pulled out three four leaf clovers she had found that morning. 

And also, I think D&J&L were in Hawaii surfing, because I have an epic pic of him!

Much Love,


Update 5/23 - 5/ 29

Hi Friend,

Frita figure out how to take a picture and then send it to me via text! And it was of the oh so pretty and impressive rhododendrons on the side of the house that I'm pretty sure everyone of us had our spring pictures taken in front of.  

Coworker: How are you doing?
Me: Well, Only cried once today.

And you know what?  I don't even think it had anything to do with also being my 5 year anniversary!

Ryan, my lunch buddy, had absolutely had it with the disaster of car that he had to travel in to lunch every day so he made me go with him to a place so that he could clean and vacuum it.   If that wasn't embarrassing enough, our old boss drove by while we were cleaning and was all, whatchyaupto?  It was really lovely when it was all done, I have to admit. 

And other than a note about "Taming of sleeping beauty" which doesn't ring a bell... I'm all done!

Much Love,


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