Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fish & Ship

Update 10/26 - 11/1

If you'll remember, when last I left you in the story, I was flying to Seattle with 3 hours of sleep after a ridiculously packed weekend of awesome and fun. I went straight to work for even more excitement: AKA LAUNCH DAY!!  Champagne, levity, and cheer was all around me.  There was also a launch party happening, which I managed to volunteer at.  The late shift.  Refereeing the BoomCo arena.  Even more fun, I was also MCing the event, with zero prep time.  Luckily, my co-worker told me I could listen to him do it once and then I'd be good to go!  Actually, it went really well and everyone had a blast (and the puns continue!)

The following day, I felt like I was hella hungover with the drinking part.  I barely made it to through the work day before I hurried home and went to sleep.  On Wednesday, I realized that Elizabeth went back home and I needed to run over to the brown house and collect my new roommates for the next 6 months: the fish.  I ran to the pet store to get a smaller tank, but the guy at the store was pretty aggressive and over a hundred dollars later I had all the fixings for real live pets! 

Store guy:  You're going to love having fish.
Me: Will I?

Not liking anything from the sea, I was a little apprehensive about making the transfer, but they managed to make it back to my place safely and only enough water spilled in my car to make it smell weird. Seriously, though, I think the fish are pretty spunky and happy - and I can say that because I'm a month late with this update.

I know it's pretty late in the year, but look at these roses that popped up in my yard!

Once again Uber offered a day of kitten deliveries, and once again Adrien and I were severely disappointed.

On Saturday, I helped my friend work on his resume.
T: Where haven't you worked.
C: Somewhere respectable.

On Friday, I went out with Becky and her little brother Aaron in Ballard.  After dinner, we went to pin some balls.  Becky told me that she was officially a Good Samaritan.  When I asked what tipped her over the edge, she told me that she was walking in the parking lot she saw someone who had written a nasty not about parking like an ass.   And this is where the GS comes in, Becky removed the note. 

Becky: I want a new ring!
Jared: You just got a new ring!
Becky: No, I want a ring that means something. Not this meaningless thing filled full of diamonds!

On Saturday, Zach helped me get my brand new TV back to my place.  I went with the 65" and when we set it up, Zach said, "I don't know, it seems small."  And then needed to sit on the floor to set up my TV because he couldn't see it from my couch. 

I didn't do much for Halloween, well except I dressed Percy up because I can. 

And here's another dog dressed up, because heh.

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