Sunday, November 22, 2015

Seeing Green (Paint Everywhere.)

Exciting week, this week! My new place wrapped up construction. I mean not the "trouble area" but the rest was done, so it was time to paint.  Dr. Rach & Anders came over and helped me tape & prep for painting.  I bought this tape and plastic combo that was *supposed* to make our lives super easy, but I think it might have made it more difficult.  Either way, I was super grateful for all of their hard work.  The following evening, Zach and Dr. Rach helped me paint the ceiling.  The following day, I was on my own to paint the walls and boy was I terrible at it.  Really, the worst.  I was so bad that Dawne and Jordan volunteered to come over the next day and help me fix the cutting because they lost sleep over the hideous site of my efforts.  On top of all of that, I was probably the most irritable person around that weekend, truly awful - so I'm even more grateful for people helping me despite my ugly mood. 

Oh, and I got all done with painting (all green because a) I like it and b) because I really didn't want to make more than one decision) and my uncle was all, "I hate it - it reminds me of the military." Thanks, buddy - just what I wanted to hear! 

While I was doing some packing I paused to go through a box of papers and cards and such when I found this note from my 18th birthday with a crisp ten-dollar bill from Doreen's grandma.  At first I thought I saved it because of how crisp that ten bucks was, but then I found the list of thank you's that I needed to write.  Very troubling.  This meant that I didn't want to spend the money until I wrote a thank you note, and now I'll never be able to.  The same could be said for 5 others on this list, which is super sad and will likely haunt me (or maybe they will!)  For the others, I'll be sure to call them and send a general thanks because I couldn't tell you what I got from them now. 

How's this for literal translation:

And on Sunday, there was supposed to be some cool thing happening with the moon that only happens once every billion years (or something) so Dawne got excited and had us all look at it together.  I went outside, took a really crappy picture, decided it was too cold out and went back in.  See my picture is different than all the many other pictures posted that evening in that it is the worst.

Then we watched Echo, and continued to watch it because no one could decide on a better movie.  I'm fast forwarding to 11/22 because I just got off the phone and wanted to share. I told Maureen about how every time I'm really stressed out or have a terrible dream, our family friend, Mrs. McD enters my dream and is a calming force.

Me: She must have done something in my childhood that really helped me when I was in trouble or sick.  Or maybe it's because she just a really chill person, I've never seen her upset ever.
Maureen: Do think it's just because she's really good at decorating her house for Christmas?

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