Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bring your Bro to Work Day

Update 2/22 – 2/28

So how is this for an update – the only cool thing that happened as that my brother Sean came to visit.  Obviously that is WAY cool and plenty for an update, even if it was just for a couple of hours.  It was actually really rad because Sean and Raymond came to my office and I took them around to see where I work (you know, at the mall.)  And then they followed me home, including picking up Percy from day care, so they totally got a feel for my everyday life.  I showed off my new home and then we met Michelle, Ashley, Nicki & Zach for dinner.  We got to chat for a beat after dinner, and Becky stopped by too.  It was really the highlight of my week, to be sure. 

Me: Why did you rent a gigantic pick up truck?
Sean: Well, the guy I was here with was a Marine, so I definitely wasn’t going to rent a Chevy Spark.

Other than that, there was a lot of working and when I wasn’t working I was watching TV while I built a bunch of shelving units.   Jealous, right? J

More soon,

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