Thursday, April 28, 2016

Joy Day!

Update 3/21 - 3/28

Dawne & Jordan were in town to get ready to have 40 people over for Easter.  Before I left for Easter, I took advantage of them being in town and went to the park and also grabbed some dinner at the family kitchen, AKA Cross roads, AKA a strip mall food court. 

Lucas: It's been pretty boring at the brown house.
Me: Oh, because the TV is gone.  You could have watched TV in your parent’s room.
Lucas: I've just been taking a lot of baths.

Lucas: It's an autobiographical
Me: About a car?
Lucas: It inspired a Disney movie maybe you heard of it.
Jordan: We should keep rolling along with this one.

On Good Friday, I picked my nieces up and we grabbed some lunch.  A late lunch because I clearly needed to nap the morning away.  On our way to the diner I suggested that we think of things that gave people joy and then surprise them.

Jackie: It brings my mom joy when I'm not around so I'm already giving that to her.

We ended up getting a bunch of things for Sean & Stacey (who totally ruined it by completely not getting Joy from the Easter basket of awesome) and then Stacey's dad, my parents (who did love Joy day) and even some adult diapers (the sexy kind) for Mo.  We left those on her door step anonymously with a note that said, "For someone special and all her many needs." My nephews saw it and thought that someone had messed up and intended to drop it off at their 90 year old neighbors.  Nope!

Stacey's Dad gave some liverwurst to Percy and he was a very happy boy.
Mr. L: Try some liverwurst.
Jackie: I'm full.
Me: She had half of a candy cane.
Jackie: And it's against my religion.

Jackie told us a delightful story about a friend who accidentally pooped in a pool.  When her fellow swimmer asked about it, she convinced her friend that it was a pretzel nugget.  But then later, she admitted what really happened.

Carla: I feel like if I accidentally pooped in a pool I would never admit it.  Especially if you believed that story about a pretzel nugget.

Me: Jackie O!
Jackie: They call me Jack queen now.
Morgan: More like Jack noying.

We played some Canasta at my parents' house.  It was a first for the girls, but I think they got a handle on it quickly.

Frita: Tiffany hates losing.
Me: But you know what I love: winning
Morgan: You know what I love: dogs named Pepe.

On Saturday, I spent some time putting aside things I wanted my parents to drive out to me this summer.  I also counted out my life's savings:

Later that day we went to Maureen's to do some epic egg coloring.  We tried that FB video trick with the silk ties, and they came out pretty cool.  Lisa totally doubted us, but after seeing the awesome, she was a total believer.  I feel like she's kind of missing an essential lesson about Easter, now that I think about it...

Frita's had a slightly different effect:

I also went to Sean and Stacey's to also decorate eggs.  Jackie made a Silence of the Lambs type egg.

And Carla made an egg, then named it and said she was going to give it its own seat on the way home on the train. 

Sunday, after church, we went to Sean and Stacey's where Stacey made one of the most amazing meals ever.  No joke, D-Lish. 

Morgan: I could eat a half gallon of ice cream (in one sitting.)
Carla: No you couldn't.
Stacey: I've done it for sure. Just sat in the back seat on the way back from .... and ate the whole thing. Easy.

Kyle: Can you ask Nana to tape super girl?
Me: Okay
Nana: His brothers don't like super girl. He just likes to watch his brothers have to watch it.

After dinner on Easter we were all chatting.  Sean started talking about the economy and what was wrong in America. So then I asked if he was voting for Trump... which created a whole big conversation.  That's when I turned to Mr L and said, "Okay now you ask about religion." 

Some epic pics of my nieces and nephews - including the "gangster" version in their Easter finery. 

All in all, a super awesome weekend. 

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