Sunday, April 24, 2016

Great Wall Heroes

Update 1/27 – 1/31

This is the time we went to China.  I know this was actually my “India” trip, but I loved Bejiing.  The first thing we did was go to a “fast food” noodle place and had the most amazing tea.  It was warm and lemony and sweet with honey, and for my sore throat, it was like heaven. 

We got up bright and early the next day and went to the Forbidden City.   

Guide: Only 2 times have they painted Mao’s painting
Zach: Not exactly steady work

When we got inside the Forbidden City, I asked my historically minded cousin some serious questions.
Me: So, is this where Mulan met the Emperor?
Zach: Tiffany.
Me: I mean I know Mushu blew up that one building with fire works… did they end up not rebuilding that?
Zach: Tiffany…
Me: I know, but is it?

The whole place was gorgeous, with totally clear skies.  We found out that the wood columns were actually the most expensive part of the palace.  And then we took a drive to a Jade place to have lunch and I bought a Buddha for Maureen.  And then we drove to the Great Wall to become heroes, in the laziest way possible.

Shutterbug, running out of battery: I need a picture of the Great Wall but I also need one of Col. Sanders.

Guide: Thanks for waiting
Lady: we didn't have a choice.
Guide: put your coat on
Lady: Why?

I walked as far as I could without having a panic attack at how steep everything was.  Seriously magical.  And then we went to a traditional Peking Duck dinner.  After that, we did a little marketing which was not at all what I was expecting.  Zach got some head phones and sheets, so he was very successful.  Then I insisted that we get more tea that that heavenly fast food place before we headed home.

We stopped in LA for a couple of hours to hang out with Dawne and pick up the Percy boy after his own vacation in Long Beach with his mom.  When we got back to Seattle, we went out with Lucas for a bit – which was really nice to just chill for a bit. 

Lucas: was there ever a scooby do villain called scooby don't?

And that’s all I remember!

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