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APRIL 2017

Update 4/3 - 4/9

Hi Friend!

I sent 15 anonymous potato grams for Easter, and basically everyone knew it was my immediately.  At least I have *a* reputation!  The potatoes all said, “Easter bunny, I am not. So here’s a potato.  Love you, Mean it.”

While Jackie O was at St. Barts with a friend, Sean & Stacey took Morgan down to Florida for a super fun concert and to see Bailey.  This was also Morgan’s first experience of “third-wheeling it” with her parents.  As a youngest myself, I can attest, it’s pretty cool gig. 

Birthday Week!  Months earlier, I had asked / demanded that my co-workers get me Floof, Sand and Dirt.  Naturally, the day before my birthday:

Me: I can’t wait to get my floof tomorrow!
Joey: oh, what if we didn’t get that for you but we got something better.
Me (genuinely shocked): What?!! No, wait, Ryan definitely got me what I wanted. 

My actual birthday was perfection.  My co-workers made it super special with lunch, a princess tort cake, playing Telestrations after lunch, getting me balloons and exactly what I asked for.  Oh and Corrinne got me the “Hot Dudes Reading” book to which James said, “My wife has that calendar.” This was a couple of hours before he decided it was good idea to eat some of the Floof. 

Joey: I was going to put a gif on your wall saying Happy Birthday, Muggle but Nick  said, “Don’t be insulting.”  Then when we were getting balloons, we got the sorting hat and I told the lady she could put any color balloons with it but then Nick said, “Don’t be stupid.  She needs gold and burgundy, she’s a Gryffindor.”

After work, I met up with some friends and family at Bushnell’s before heading over to do an escape room in which we stole the mona lisa and then grabbed some dinner.  Oh and Jordan rode into Bushnell’s with a Unicorn (which later would drive Percy crazy.)  People didn’t think I could fit into my car, but I showed them with a shove, a push, and a quick door slam exclaiming, “Who wants to be on my escape room team now?”

The following day we went to the park for Dawne’s birthday rolling deep with friends and dogs followed by lunch at Norm’s (the dog bar) with more fun family and dogs.  Another perfectly awesome day! 

On Sunday, Kathi and Hendrik arrived from Germany!  They had been up for over 24 hours by the time they arrived so Kathi and I took a walk around Kirkland to stay awake.  I knew she was sleepy because she couldn’t remember words, and she knows all the words.  Eventually, we headed back because Jordan asked me to make Brookies for dinner the following evening.  I’m kind of sad I can’t remember anything specifically hilarious – but it was really lovely seeing Kathi and getting to spend so much time with her!!

Much love,


Hi Friend!

Kathi and Hendrik were in town this week AND I went home to NY for Easter.  But before all that, we kicked off the week with Passover at Nater's.

Jordan asked me to make brookies and bring dessert so on Monday, I tried to go a Jewish bakery for some good traditional cookies.  And like a typical Catholic, was genuinely surprised that the Jewish bakery was closed on Passover.  It's cool, I went to another bakery and just got cookies that looked like Jewish cookies.   By the way, Nater's house is amazing, and it was so lovely to spend the holiday with the extended fam.  Jordan tried to test us all by having us tell the story of Passover and since I didn't have to start, by the time it got to me I totally picked up that we were telling the story of the Prince of Egypt. 

Kathi and Hendrik asked me what the purpose of the Unicorn in my living room was and I think my exact response was, "I know this is a foreign concept for Germans, but it's just for fun."

I got to use my Amazon Prime "Magic Trick" in that the German's went to sleep thinking that they didn't have milk for their morning cereal, and I had Amazon magically deliver milk within the hour while I was packing.  Pretty exciting!  Also, while we were out on Wednesday, the house was cleaned and Kathi got to see firsthand how someone else dictates how long I can have Birthday cards out, and where things should really go including re-packing their suitcases.

Far too soon, I was saying "Auf Wiedersehen" and taking my pup to NY.  I got a little bit of sleep with the aid of some NyQuil which left me pretty groggy when I landed.  We got home in an hour and then I went right to bed.  When I woke up, we all headed up to Maureen's cabin for some cards and drinking by the fire.  I brought two bottles of wine, to which my Momela said, "just open a second bottle of wine in case you don't like the first."  Which turned out to be quite accurate.  It was hard to finish it though without falling asleep and playing Canasta.

Saturday, Maureen threw an egg decorating party so that I could see all my friends and decorate like a boss.  It was really nice to see Briana and Eva - and their kids getting into the joy that is egg decorating.  We did the tie trick again!  Also, Sean and Stacey brought over a dozen eggs that we thought were cooked, but learned were not, but only after we had decorated half of them.  That was fun for Kevin to find on Easter!   That evening we had a little bonfire with Doreen and Jim too!

On Easter, after I found my basket from the Easter Bunny, we went to mass at 11 (unlike Maureen's fam who had some altar servers participating in the 8 am services.)  The whole day was pretty perfect, but I'll try to pull up some highlights. 

We facetimed with Bailey in Florida and I even found 4 eggs with her during the egg hunt.  We also told stories around the table outside because it was gorgeous out (and only rained for the 5 minutes that Sean had to grill the steak.)  Sean told the story again about Bailey going to the gym every Saturday night after the first time she saw naked guys on her way to the gym to which Bailey yelled, "STOP TELLING THAT STORY." So it was like she was really with us! 

During dinner, Sean eloquently attempted to prove that you could blow the shell off of a hardboiled egg.  BTW dinner was amazing.  And after dinner I wanted to take a nap, so I mentioned to Jackie I could go for an iced coffee, and then she totally made me one with a straw and everything making her, at least for those 15 minutes, my favorite. 

And then we finished up the night telling embarrassing drunk/vomit stories that involve planes.  I probably don't need to publically tell these stories, but I will say that Stacey said Sean was super sick and throwing up at every trash can on the way to the gate to which Frita commented (through our laughter), "You were so embarrassing."  Which was funnier because Sean doesn't do anything to be embarrassed about and Frita never gets embarrassed. 

Much love,

Update 4/17 – 4/23

Hi Friend!

I’m watching Nala and Casper for a month, so expect a lot more diversity in my puppy photos.  Including a snap of Nala and Percy enjoying my birthday duck toy.  Ooooh! Speaking of which… My birthday present arrived!  Super awesome Disney purses from my brother and his fam.  #hegetsme  #hereallygetsme

A sample came into the office of a very large bust of a Viking like dude that my co-workers decided should set up camp right behind me in a very creepy, micro-management kind of way.  To be honest, I liked it a lot more when they put the Halo sunglasses on him. 

We did some store checks, so I took that same opportunity to stop and get a Unicorn Frap (a day late, but since the internet told me to, I had to.)  It tasted like a skittle milk shake that turned into a sour patch milk shake and it definitely made me want to spew after 20%.  I think if they had skipped the milk part though, it would have been delightful.  Maybe next time they decide to drive their employees crazy, they’ll ask me first.

My pathetic qualities win again!  After almost a year (almost 2 if we were going to be honest) of looking at a partially dry walled wall, Becky and Jared came to my rescue!  They even let me help on the second day!   Such a relief because I couldn’t get anyone to come mud because it was already partially done – and now it’s all the way done! Yayayayayay!

Much Love,

Update 4/24 – 4/30

Hi Friend!

I watched three seasons of The Royals in three days, so basically, I can’t be expected to have accomplished much other than that. 

I finished sanding and painting the wall (okay “finished” should probably be in quotations because I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to beg Dawne to help me fix the edging when she’s back in town.) 

Back in elementary school we all had that “double dog dare” moment where we accepted the challenge when we really should have calmly ignored the provocation.  I know how that’s how I ended up jumping in a pool fully clothed like a dumdum.  As an adult, these dares still exist but now we call them, “Hold My Beer” moments.  Well, that happened to me at work and I ended up cutting myself and feeling sad.  I didn’t have any fun Band-Aids, I hurt myself opening a beer that was on my desk that didn’t even taste good, and then I had to go to Bunko with an injured rolling hand.  On the bright side I won $7.50 for the lowest score!

I organized a big pack to go to the park on Saturday, 5 people, 5 dogs (okay, so I brought three of them.)  This was a little more even than the 2 people, 4 dogs on Sunday with Ryan.

I also went to the Sounders game with Dr. Rach!  It was raining and we were losing by 3 up until like the last 5 minutes when they scored 3! Exhilarating! And also, really fun to spend time with Dr. Rach.  I also tricked her into taking a picture while pregnant!

Ended the weekend with a dinner and grocery shopping with Zacharoni! 

Much Love,

T O’B 

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