Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Southern Gent

Hi Friend!

Dawne & Jordan got back from their trip!  Very exciting, and I got gifts – including a mini-lego me, complete with Percy Purse!   

This week was fun because I got a new fence in my back yard.  While it was taken down, Percy still didn’t go past the imaginary line where the fence used to be.  Maybe because of the terrifying dogs next door, but that’s just a guess.  I’m not sure if it his nest had been disturbed or if he was just disturbed, but I had a bird flying into all of my windows for 4 days, starting at 6 am and lasting for hours.  I put tape and poster board up hoping that it would help, but he just kept on crashing (and defecating each time).  It was hella gross and sad.  I tried to let Percy out hoping that he could explain that he could get hurt, but Percy looked at the bird, then back at me like, no, he’s too pathetic for me to bark at. 

We went to dinner with partners one night, and the food was really good but the most important part of it was that I tried something new.  I mean a very tiny part of it, but I took a bite of something that looks like a crunchy sponge slice.  Appetizing, right?

On Friday, on account of it being GORGEOUS out, the team left early for some adult beverages across the street.
James: We’re leaving at 4 to go to the Malt n Vine.
Me: 4?! Why are we waiting until 4?
Chelsea: My meeting ends at 2:30 and then I’m ready. 

We didn’t go quite that early, but it was really nice to have some QT with the team and soak in the sun before I had to run home and pack for San Fran.   While we were at the MnV, there were these two guys talking and the one guy’s body language was such that he was turned away from his friend, with his arms behind his head forcing his friend to try to speak to him from behind/side and through his folded arms.  I was so distracted by this, I couldn’t focus on my own conversation until he put his arms down. 

My co-workers husband has a lot of really cool inventions he’d like to make.  I’ll share this one because after a discussion, it appears that it has already been invented with a different name.  So, he wants to make something called the “Southern Gent” which is an absorbent pad that can be put down a gentleman’s undergarments to absorb their sweat on particular hot days.  Here are some other was to help with swamp ass that don’t quite have the same level of class as the Southern Gent.

I woke up at 3 am to go to San Francisco on Saturday morning to see Erika and Janette.  In retrospect, flying out at 8 instead of 6 probably would have been just as awesome.  I did get there in time to steal Kenny’s coffee though, which is pretty good timing.   I spent the day playing with the kiddos and going to two little league games.  I know, me, at a baseball game that wasn’t serving garlic fries – shocking!  Erika’s parents and sister Stacy was also in attendance, although I’m pretty sure that they were paying slightly more attention.  (I mean really, both teams were in blue and they weren’t keeping score – how am I supposed to know what’s going on?)  At around 4, I drove in to see Janette, Neville and Azalea.  I parked and then walked to a park, and I swear I walked up hill the whole time, and also walked up hill back to the car a couple hours later – SF, how do you do it?!  Neville pushed Azalea on the swing for what felt like an hour, and she was so delightfully happy until it was time to go.  Then we had a little mini-breakdown that I tried to halt with a little break down / dancing it off session.  That distracted for 2 minutes and then I was all out of ideas.  We were talking about places to eat, and J&N said that she already goes for Fries and Burgers at Charlies Corner too much with the nanny to which Azalea replied, “Fries and burgers at Charlie's Corner?”   We ended up getting some Mexican and it was delicious – and necessary because I really needed a couple of classes of Iced Tea before driving back to Erika’s.   I miss them so much! And Azalea is just the cutest! 

Erika and Kenny we’re still up when I got back so I didn’t have to break in (isn’t that nice of them?) 

When we went to get coffee:
Me: I don’t understand how you can go get coffee every morning, I need a coffee machine at home.
Erika: Tiffany, it’s the only ten minutes I get without 4 children.
Me: I don’t understand how you can only go get coffee once a morning.

Erika and I also got to go get some brunch complete with bottomless mimosas so I had a hang over by noon.

Me: What time is it?
Erika: 9:30
Me: I feel like I’ve been up forever.
Erika: You have – since 6.

After brunch we had to take a little walk and get some coffee before driving home.  We stopped in a cute little shop.
Erika: This is where I get all your presents!
Me: Sweet! I’ll go ahead and pick some out for you now. 
(Which I did, and then Erika bought us matching earrings! She’s the best!)

I had just the best time with all of Erika’s kids, but especially my goddaughter Daphne.  I really tried to steal her but Erika wouldn’t even let me see if she would fit in my suitcase.  Next time, Erika, Next time!


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  2. Yay! Glad you enjoyed. I need to get back to it soon!