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MARCH 2017

Hi Friend!

It Snowed!  It's always exciting when it snows because you know I drive a Fiat and I was finally able to call in Fiat and work from home.  Percy thought it was pretty rad too. 

Random quote from Chelsea: My parents used to shove the seat belts into the seat because they were not aesthetically pleasing.

Pretty sure the rest of the week was snoozeville, but then we had another Oreo Tasting Party at Kelly's.  I thought more flavors had come out (but that wasn't until the summer so now we're going to have to have another... *sigh*) 

Dr. Rach to mini-Future-Dr. Anderson:  You need to play cooperatively.

I didn't eat anything before the party and then felt crazy ill from all the sugar so Kelly and I both had to have 2cc's of string cheese to feel better.  I also made homemade Bailey's and put it in a ziplock container which didn't completely seal on my way over.  You win some, you lose some!

On Sunday, because Becky's husband Jared had Shingles (and yes, she did call him Shingle Face the whole time), I accompanied to Emerald City Comic Con.  I saw an old co-worker but didn't want to bother him so I just took a picture and posted it on social media like he was being rude and ignoring me. 

Oh I remember what I was doing a lot of, re-watching Parks and Rec.  Can I just tell you that every episode of parks and rec ends with me giggling aloud through the credits?  True story. 

Much love,


Update 3/6 - 3/12

Hi Friend!

A carry over from ECC, I got Tom Felton to sign an invitation to the Yule Ball as if he had invited me.  I didn’t have anything on hand that was Slytherin, but I happen to have a Yule Ball invite handy. 

Sean and I were discussing our Lenten promises - his to give up alcohol and mine to be more thoughtful. 

Sean: Yeah, but mom and dad said you don't have to observe on St Patrick's Day.
Me: I guess I can be super rude then, you know slam some doors in faces.

My co-worker lives above a Top Pot Donut and bought himself a donut on day before work.
Chelsea: Joe where did you get that donut!
Joe: I saved a half of a donut to share!

We went to this restaurant for lunch that has a menu that rivals the cheesecake factory.  We were under some time constraints and really wanted grilled chesses.  I told Ryan I was going to say to the waiter, "Let me just tell you want and you tell me if you have it you prob do." And you know what?  They did.

BDug was facebooking about his kid having a mini-meltdown when Bdug wouldn't share his choking hazard Warthog and then basically felt like all of his other toys were garbage.  So I sent him a slightly safer Warthog and I got this super adorable picture of him in wonder in return.

Kelly and I books a flight to Cuba for January and then we tried to figure out how we would better Cuba with our trip.  I said we could fill a suitcase full of school supplies, which I thought was a perfect plan... I'll keep you posted. 

On Friday, Becky came over and we did our own wine and paint night, and it was so perfect as was our awesome artwork!  Plus we got to drink a lot more wine.  Then on Saturday we had breakfast at Sitka and Spruce for Kelly's birthday where we had the table basically in the kitchen where they were making all the yummy food.   Company and food were a delight, but also there was a fake pregnant lady who was being photographed by the flowers.  She was super distracting because why? And I never got a chance to ask because my brunch mates wouldn't let me.

Much love.


Update 3/13 - 3/19

Hi Friend!

Monday morning I woke up to a living room that looked a little like a murder scene.  So much so that I had to pick Nala up because she couldn't find a path to the door.  Casper had been throwing up blood so I took him to the vet to find that he had swallowed some rocks that had torn up him insides.  For the rest of the week he had 3 different meds to be taken at 6 different times during the day.  The good news is, he's doing just fine now!

In other news, I joined a Bunko group with a co-worker, and my first time I got to wear the crown!  I also sent Julie an anonymous potato gram and then I got a text asking, "Did you send me a potato?" I asked if I was getting predictable (because she knew right away), and I was assured that I was not.   She also sent me an emoji representation of the Unicorn song. So awesome. 

On St. Patrick's Day I brought in bright green coffee cake and then later got a text from Becky that said, "I've been waiting all day for your annual last minute "come do something Irish with me" invite. Taking a year off? ;)"

But actually, I was meeting D&J&Z to see Beauty and the Beast, which Becky was available to join. 

Becky: Customer is always funny.  That's rule number one.

I finally cleaned out my car which equated to about 5 garbage bags of things including 4 sets of colored pencils, two pairs of shoes, 5 jackets, 5 towels, 2 blankets, 7 leashes, and about 3 dozen rolls of doggy bags.  *Note it's been two months since this time and my car is still clean!

Lucas called me on Sunday asking me where his parents were (in Mexico.) He was disappointed because he was hoping that they would feed him.  He had been eating Soylent because he spent his allowance on a BB gun.  I told him he could come over and I would feed him (and obviously mock him as well.)

Much Love,


Update 3/20 - 3/26

Hi Friend!

In a horrendous déjà vu moment, I woke up at 2:30am to Percy vomiting, like 10 times until he was dry heaving.  I thought about just cleaning him up and going back to sleep, but Nala and Casper told me that was a terrible idea.  And then when I called the vet, they also told me that was a terrible idea.  So I headed to the Vet, and they hooked him up to fluids, gave him meds and sent me home with a batch more of meds.  What a way to start the week!

Briana: Introducing the new members of our family.
Me: Two puppies!?
Briana: Double Cuteness...
Me: One for each kid!
Briana: One for rob and I when we get divorced. Lol!
Me: I'm coming home this weekend for a day, maybe I can come visit?
Briana: Oh were you not going to tell me!? But not that I have puppies...
Me: um... so I'll be there in the morning?

Lucas came over Monday night, and I had dinner and groceries waiting for him. 
Me: Oh, a suitcase huh? Staying long?
Lucas: Yea...well. It's my spring break. 

Insert many many dvd watching here for the rest of the week. 

On Saturday, I packed to go to NY and when I picked up my travel purse it was FILLED with tiny ants who were going crazy over some candy canes.  I tried to salvage electronics and important documents before throwing everything out and the purse in the wash.  I bought a bunch of traps, but weirdly they were confined to the purse.  Then I brought the pups to the park and dropped them off at D&J's who were getting back from their trip that evening.   Bonus excitement, I was bumped to first class where I got wine and a couple hours of sleep!

I went to Costco with Maureen where I got to pick out my own birthday cake (and she said I could pick anyone I wanted even if no one else was going to like it.)  Then the whole fam came over, and my mom made dinner and we celebrated ME! 

Me: It's red velvet cake
Sean: That reminds me: I want to redo the bedroom.

After making Morgan get up to get her own ice cream sandwich
Sean: Doesn't it taste better now that you earned it?

Me: What are you doing for your sweet 16?
Jackie: My friends and I are going to the city to Black Tap Beer and Burgers for milkshakes.
Me: You're going to a brewery for your birthday.
Jackie: We're going for the milkshakes.
Maureen: You should invite Pat to pay for the train tickets. 
Stacey: Well I'm only allowed to drive them to the station.
Momela: You guys should go to a movie at Radio City.
Me: Um, I think you just hella dated yourself Momela.
Momela: No, they definitely used to show movies there.
(Stacey and I furiously googling)
Me: Well what do you know, you can go see the Godfather there this month. 

Momela: Alexa play Johnny Mathias
Me: Did it just say "Shuffling one song?"

Momela: Can you go in the bedroom and grab the gifts.
Stacey: The birthday gifts, not the Christmas gifts.
Momela: There are Christmas gifts in there, but you won't confuse them. 

Me (to my mom): Frita said I'd be a great leader of ISIS.
Frita: You have to give her context!
Me: No context makes that better.
Frita: She doesn't like people who lose to win.  That's why she doesn't like 101.

And on that note... !

Much Love,


Update 3/27 - 4/2

Hi Friend!

I started the week by heading down to NYC where I saw my boss and co-worker immediately in the bar and ended up sitting down for a drink instead of checking in.   Chelsea chose the hotel for the breakfast, and oddly enough Marisa and I had had lunch there back when I was working in NY.  It was a delicious way to kick off a week of really awesome meetings.  Oh! And we went to this place for dinner that was supposed to be like a speak easy that served adult beverages in tea pots like they did back in the day.  I almost went with a mixed drink just for that reason, but ended up drinking this beer that dangerously tasted exactly like grapefruit juice.   Before we knew it, it was time to head up to Montreal to see where the Magic of Mega happens. 

I found out that we needed flat shoes for the factory tour, and when I communicated that to my uber boss, she hadn't packed properly.  That’s about the moment that I splurged for the international data plan which I thought was worth spending to keep my job.  I eventually ended up using the powerful women's network to get a pair of shoes that would work.  We also had dinner at a place where they ordered all sea food with the exception of steak tare tare which I was forced to try to be polite.  And then did shots. Not my best dinner experience!

We also ended up in a hotel that was not the one we were supposed to be in, but was way fancier.  So fancy that I accidentally didn't set my alarm and got woken up by my co-worker saying, "Are you ready?"  I literally got ready in 5 minutes, including remembering to bring my charger for my phone (which I think saved me when my uber boss needed said charger, erasing the fact that we were 5 minutes late for the meeting.)   We can file this under "worst work nightmare" meets "close calls."  Oh! And then I also decided I should totally become a notary to expand on my super powers.  Check back in to remind me later that I need to do this kthxbye!

When I got back, I picked up Percy and then grabbed dinner with Zach and Lucas at Chipotle before I barely made it home so I could pass out.  Then I watched a bunch of Lethal Weapon (the TV show) and had a 7 hour conversation with a guy from Coffee Meets Bagel - which has to be a record of some sort.  Then finished up the weekend with breakfast with D&J and Zach followed by a nice walk at the dog park. 

A couple of weeks ago I lost my badge, but I just assumed that I had thrown it out in the big clean.  And, not really related, when I got back from a trip there was a note from a co-worker telling me I should clean up my desk which I crumpled and threw at him.  Then another co-worker picked the note up and saved it.  Well, I ended up straightening up my desk and lo and behold, there was my badge under a pile of books.  And there, also, was my co-worker holding up the "clean up this mess" note.  *sigh* some things never change!

Much Love,


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