Saturday, May 6, 2017

JULY 2016

Hi Friend!

Not only did I get MVP this year, but I also got TSA-Pre-Check! Very exciting travel times.   My uber boss also had a birthday so we celebrated with a mid-afternoon chocolate tequila break.  And she shared one of her Hello Kitty rings with me, so that's special. 

Did I tell you yet that they found a lake under the brown house when they were trying to update it?  Yeah, pretty awful.  I shared a picture of what the basement looked like as they were trying to fix it.  I mentioned that this would be a good time to build a moat around the house but it was too raw to be funny. 

Becky introduced me to the notion of the Anonymous potato, which I would not act on until like April 2016.  (Knowing the future is fun!)

I think this might have been the week that Pokémon go released because Becky's pastor asked her if she could make a "Pokémon welcome" sign because there was a lot of them interested in the Lord.

And I guess the biggest event was going to the Goat Olympics, FINALLY.  After talking about it for years, we all made it over there.  It was pretty fun especially because goats are extremely stubborn and it's totally normal for their owners to drag them through all of the events and still win.  And um, I didn't want to say anything, but one of the "goats" was actually a sheep.  There was a part of it that was a look-a-like contest. Most of the contestants dressed their goat in the same outfit that they were wearing.  But the one that won, had actually dressed as the goat.  Hee. 

And then we went to five guys and headed home. 

Becky: Hey remember that lady at the farmers market who made the fresh buttermilk biscuits? I miss her.
Jared: So you're saying you have a biscuit-shaped hole in your heart?
Becky: Ha, Ha! You're so funny…
Jared: I know.
Becky:… Looking! Ha!

That's it for me folks!


Update 7/11 - 7/17

Hi Friend!

Uh oh.  I got confused, and forgot to include all the good stuff about the goat Olympics.  That's okay, I'll just add them here, you'll forgive me and we'll move on!

Goat Quotes:
Who won widest goat?
It was a bit of a scandal actually.

Hoof up
That goat just said Kelly, no.

That one looks so fluffy it looks like a sheep.
It is a sheep.

That's not a goat!
Shhh (don't tell the 5 year old. )

Let's go look at your closet!

Kelly was telling me about how Tom's son, Freddie has been quoting this video tutorial of drawing a pigeon word for word, without the video.  She asked him to tell me and it went like this, "Then you draw a circle. Very nice. Now tap the screen if you want to take a picture."

Kelly and I headed to Bite of Seattle by the space needle.  We met up with Lucas and got about 4 dozen scones (I brought a couple dozen to Dawne, don't worry!)

Kelly: Let's go put our names in to win that boat. 
Me: Oh! Yes.  Maybe I'll win $15K so I can pay for to put the wall back!
Kelly: Exactly! We could even win that 100K dollar boat and sell it for 15k! 

There were some crazy foods that I didn't try, like Krispy Kreme hamburgers and fried PB & J.  "Why don't you like what I ordered for you!"

I tried to teach D&J a card game but what I taught them was a mix of Gin, Knock and 101 - but it was still fun.  Then I went home and wrapped my whole house so that some jerk faces could put the wall back to where it was originally.  I took some pictures so you could see that extra space I had for a couple of months. 

Becky: I'm leaving tomorrow with 15 teenagers for youth camp! I really wanted to make myself a shirt that says, "I chaperone now.  Chaperones are cool."


Much Love,


Update  7/18 - 7/24

Hi Friend,

Had lunch at the cafeteria with Tony.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to a bought the worst PB&J sandwich complete with stale bread and a banana culture yogurt. It was yucks. I like bananas and culture but that's not what it meant.

I tried to respond to my boss and he responded with “don't be all fucking rational” so I just giggled and went back to work. 

Me: Chief is ambidextrous.
James: Like my grandpa!

Oh, I went to San Diego Comic Con!  And the first night I went out to meet up with James and some folks at USAopoly and Mattel.  That’s when we got to see a hilarious showing of He-Man outside and I got some new insults from Skeletor including “cowardly catfish.” They had also built wonder woman’s invisible ship that you could take pictures in.  That’s when I told them they could have just had a clear chair and said that you were in the invisible ship and saved a lot of money.  What do you want me to do with all my good ideas, Lois!?

The taxi driver asked if I had my wallet and phone when I left the hotel just like John always asks when we leave a taxi. Unfortunately, he failed to ask if I had my sunglasses. So I had to steal a pair of Xbox sunglasses from James. 

For the most part, all the meetings were awesome, I also got see the prototype of the Halo hot wheels that were super rad.  One night, we went from dinner and as a group started to follow James somewhere.  I got extremely whiney because I don’t like blindly following anyone.  I was convinced he was taking us across town to some swanky bar, and I thought all the bars we were passing were just fine.  I was texting Shana, also whining and she told me she was at this fabulous party and I was all, “I wanna be at a fabulous party instead of following this guy!” And then we got to this building and had to wait to get in, and when we did, we walked up the stairs to the roof top, and I didn’t know how many floors there were so I got even more cranky… and then we got to the top and all my friends were there including Shana!

To a girl on a segue:
I'm sorry for my friend he's not used to the future.

There was a pool so people were asking “Let me see your phone” so that someone would hand it to them and then they could push them in.  No one fell for it, but one guy was all, whoa, I don’t want to spending tomorrow trying to dry out my bills, social security card and library card (because you’re not allowed to laminate those!)

I got to sneak away and have lunch with my Uncle Jack, which was awesome.  I hadn’t seen him in a while and it was really rad having some 1:1 time!  And he even braved traffic to drive me back to the convention.  And then I was walking to my next meeting and who did I run into, SHANE!  We were both running to other things but when we did get to meet up he told me about this time he was having a meeting with Kevin Costner and an awkward moment, and just so I don’t ruin further relationships I won’t tell you the story here, but you should TOTALLY ask me about it sometime. 

When I got back into town, I met up with D&J&Kids and we played Codenames. 

Referring to the person who gives clues who was just basically saying the words on the table.
That job is hard
Hard but not that hard

New game: Jordan says something and we justify it! 
That's not a game that's Dawne’s life.

 That’s it!

Much love,


Update 7/25 - 7/31

Hi Friend,

I started a bit of an obsession with coloring books this summer.  I brought a stack of Harry Potter coloring books and these really fun coloring pencils from Crayola with me everywhere.  Meetings, friend's houses, road trips, you name it.  So when I start this update with,  "And then we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and colored." It really could have been any given night. I not only met up with Dawne in the morning, but sometimes we even met at the park after work, then went back to Dawne's house, made PB&J and colored.  If you can think of a better habit to fall into, I'd love to hear it.

Oh, my mom told me to make this concoction to keep mosquitos away.  Anyone want to try it and let me know if it works? Because I totally forgot to.

Three stale beers
Mouth wash mint.
Epsom salt

Pete got a new boat and was docking it at D&J's.  One day, after seeing that D&J's boat's batter kept needing a jump, Pete went out during the day, got a batter and installed it without even asking.  Isn't that so extraordinarily nice?!

The weekend was filled with hanging out in the sun with Maggie, Kelly and our many pups.  Erika sent me "The Royal We" and I read it in like 5 hours, it was really really good.  I proceeded to recommend/buy The Royal We or Jane Steele (also from Erika) for the next 9 months.  I also watched Stranger Things, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  But I watched it in my room b/c I had to move the TV while the construction was getting done and so it was large and I watched it along in the dark. 

Some Hot air balloons floated by while we were outside, to which someone with much humor said, "Hurry! Someone take a picture for a screen saver!

Much Love,



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