Saturday, May 6, 2017


Hi Friend!

At the beginning of the week, I stayed home waiting for the city inspector to come and he never showed up.  I ended up having two more missed attempts before he finally showed up and said I still need to do something, that I never did and now I don't remember what it was.  Adulting at its finest folks!  I also got a cold this week, so I imagine that was gross.  I also spent a lot of time with Aunt Pat at the park and she also made dinner for me at Raymond’s house. 

I met up with Zach at Uncle's to playtest the monster game (which he totally ended up funding!)  We met up with a stranger who fell in love with the game, and gave him the last 20 dollars to put him over the goal.  It was fun seeing someone who doesn't know Zach at all also give him praise and validation.  

On Saturday, it was Percy birthday.  I met up with Matty and we took a walk around Greenlake and then Matty jump started a strangers car with this cool portable charger.  Then I went over to Dr. Rach's and even after being outside (granted in the pouring rain) for an hour, Percy walked into her house an peed on the white rug.  And after we cleaned that up, I spilled coffee on that same rug, and now we're never getting invited back. 

Oh! I stole this interaction from Nick & Julie’s kid!

Lila's church-school teacher: Today were going to hear a story about lepers. Who knows what a leper is?
Johnny: Lepers have spots and tails!
Teacher: No you're thinking of leopARDS, not lepERS. Lepers are people who were sick a long long time ago when Jesus was alive, Yes, Leah?
Leah: Dinosaurs are dangerous!
Teacher: Yes, yes they are.

Maureen told me she’s going to give Kyle coupons for garage sales because he’s always begging to go to all the sales they pass by with a, “Come on, Mom! That one says it's HUGE!!”

In other news, Nathan Fillion called out the Halo figure from Lootcrate on Instagram.  Kelly took an adorable photoshoot with Piper for a Donut store competition.  Sean and Stacey went down to Miami for a game and parent’s weekend.  Seattle coffee shops turned themselves into Luke’s coffee shops for the day to get stoked for the new Gilmore Girls episodes.  And I found out that I used the term “Malaria Pimp” more than a person should in 2016. 

Here are pics!

Much love,


Update 10/10 - 10/16

Hi Friend!

There was a huge hullabaloo going on that we were getting a bit of a stormegeddon and my first reaction was to run out and get a generator.  I brought Ryan with me, in my tiny Fiat, during lunch.  We picked up a generator, which just barely fit in my car.  Like Ryan had to sit in the back seat, and I had to put the front seat all the way back, and then shove the generator in, testing the frame of the door, and then accidentally pressing against the emergency break to the point that I thought I had irreversibly damaged my car.  We eventually got it back to my place and put together so I could roll it from my car to my back porch.  My theory was that if I bought a generator, I would not need a generator.

I invited Zach over to keep me company so I pulled out all of my DVD’s from the depths of my closet.  As I started reading through all of my titles, I got a very meh vibe from Zach until I got to the “Sleepover Party” set including the Sisterhood of the Traveling Paints, Cinderella Story and What a Girl Wants!

Spoiler alert: the power never went out that night (or for the rest of the dreary winter) so my magical generator works perfectly!

Finally, we wrapped up the weekend (or maybe this happened Friday and the storm was Saturday? It’s hard to tell) with Pierogis at the Polish Cultural Club for Kelly’s dad’s birthday!  Always fun to spend a dollar to be in club for a day!  (Plus the food is delicious.)

Kelly: I’m making a 5 year old fold my laundry.
Me: hmm… wonder if you could get my 4 year old to do the same. 

Much love,


Update 10/17 - 10/23

Hi Friend!

My neighborhood got pretty worked up this week.  It was heartwarming to see all of my neighbors get riled up to the point that I was looking for their pitchforks – and all that rage was against the HOA.  There was a huge crowd at the HOA meeting, and everyone was angry, and I was all, “this is what you get for being awful” while outwardly trying to contain my composure.  Ultimately, the HOA didn’t get what they wanted, and that too was delightful. 

Aunt Pat came over, had some dinner and we watched the debates together.  On polar opposites of the political spectrums, this was relatively successful.  Then again, I also drank a lot of wine. 

I think maybe we moved desks around at work?  That’s always a fun time.  I also encouraged everyone in my row of cubicles to remove their privacy screens so we can all see and talk to each other easily.  It’s so nice, and I think weirds out everyone else in the studio given that everyone else tries to basically build a fort around their desks. 

We also had brunch at Laina and Mo’s, which was lovely.  Especially the part where Anderson discovered what fun cat toys can be. 

Dawne and Jordan got back from their tour of Disney’s in time for us to all go over to Bella’s birthday party.  And also to see Casper newly shaved look.  (Aunt Pat had to have him groomed and he got all these nettles and now he totally looks like a puppy.)

And I’m pretty sure this was about Percy, but lord only knows who I was speaking with. 
I thought you were going to bring your possessive little friend.
What's the word?
Feisty? Jerk face?

Much Love,


Update 10/24 - 10/30

Hi Friend!

Brace yourself, this one was a very busy week.  Microsoft donates $100 million for 20,000 nonprofits a year - and a good portion of those contributions are encouraged in October when we have our annual give campaign.  Our studios tries to specifically do a lot for Make-A-Wish, and this week we did an Oktoberfest & a Gala to raise money - both of which were super fun successes. Plus, I volunteered at both which makes them even more fun. 

My art director is constantly seeing faces, in art, in toy reviews, all the time.  But this week, in our review, he saw one and then pulled up an article that was called, "Do you see faces every where? Then you're a neurotic mess." At least he said it!

I was jumping into bed when my pup was laying in such a way that I was blanket-less.  I took a pictures and wasn't sure if I should entitle it, "Reasons to make your bed or how a 4 pound dog can take up all the covers."

We were trying to come up with costumes, and I suggested to Shana that she get a bunch of balloons and look super excited and full of wonder and go as Bill Clinton.  I also spent a bunch of time trying to order costumes for Disney, and then ended up just making a Belle before she became a princess costume, and it looked way better than all the store bought ones.  I should know better by now.  

It is officially rainy season, and so I bought myself a yellow rain coat, classic.  It was raining pretty hard when we got to the park, and when I got to the office, I realized that the rain had run off my coat in a very strategic way so that it totally made me look like I peed myself.  Not so classic.

Friday morning, the Seattle fam and I went down to CA for a Halloween filled weekend.  I got to meet Nater's girlfriend, Claudia who is a true delight.  When we got off of the plane, Jordan was there with Starbucks in hand - how awesome is he!?

When I couldn't quite locate all of our party, I Cau Cau'ed (Caw Cawed?) just like Bailey taught me announcing that this is how we would locate each other for the rest of the weekend.

Jordan: We'll have to practice in the Tiki Tiki Room! Dawne hates that attraction but now I can force her to go!
(Note, that we said we would go daily, and never made it to the Tiki Tiki room.)

We went to the hotel, dropped off our stuff and then headed to the diner next door for lunch.

Jordan: I instantly hated the author because he's so young and so talented

Dawne: I was thinking about it, and I think we could figure out a way to have a fun tunnel from our bedroom, under the theater and out to the garden. 
Jordan: I don't think we can.
Dawne: Oh! You've never been good at spacial stuff!
A moment later .
Dawne: Okay you might be right...
Jordan: See, You can't do it.
Dawne: Whoa, you can do anything with money.

Nater: I just can't trust presidents who sit in chairs after Roosevelt.

Lucas: Isn't it weird how fancy food is just like regular food only slightly gross.

Xavier escargot whipped egg drink.

Flattened pennies
Don't drop them
Oh wait I just dropped them
No better way to make a memory than to deface some currency

What! They closed the Aladdin musical?
Soviet russia ruined Aladdin!?
Yes, or Frozen, one of those.

Nate and I are together BBC we can argue nicely together.
Tall and lanky and you're a dork and you laugh a lot.


Lucas: I just thought this was an olive store started by Rachel's husband.

And here are some pics!


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