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Update 11/28 - 12/4

Hi Friend!

End of November, and Dawne and I are still making it to the park every morning. Although, one morning, Dawne's car got broken into for an old rice cooker. Who knew Redmond could be so criminal.  The pups are still adorable, but Casper and Nala are not very good at taking pictures.  Sure, they have other tricks, but picture taking is not on the top.  We tried to take pictures anyway because Dawne and Jordan had some pretty amazeballs pictures taken on a cruise in October where they look ten years younger, and I thought that deserved to be sent out in a Holiday Card. 

Zach came over one night to burn a bunch of stuff in my little fire pit outside. It still seems like a sketchy pit, so I got the fire extinguisher out just in case. 

I also "made" dinner of soup and toast for Dawne and I while we rewatched the Gilmore Girls - which is an ideal evening in my book. 

I went to brunch with Sharon and Vivian at Sweet Iron as Mike had to go to Utah for a bit for work.  For some reason they didn't want to go to the drag show I had lined up for later, but I did take Zach.  It was called Boob job for Christmas.  We also went with Kelly, her friend Daniel and Zach.  It was ab fab.  Except for one guy in the audience, or as Daniel said, "I don't like that guy.  The little one."

Sunday was Brunch at Dr Rach and Dr Ander's which was a delight from beginning to end, including some seriously yummy grub and being entertained by Anderson.  Love them!


Update 12/5 - 12/11

Hi Friend!

We got a snow day, which never happens (although given that I can see into the future, my mother's remark of "I think you're going to have to stop saying it never snows" might not be so irritating right now.) But in December, this was very very exciting. 

I also threw my first fancy dinner party with fancy china, real food, fellowship, games and presents!  I invited the Weisman crew over for a lovely Christmahkah.  I didn't plan super well with the food, and might have over cooked the chicken, but there was plenty of mac and cheese to cover that mistake right up. 

The following day, we all took a snow filled ride up to Leavenworth (all while thinking, "Julia (from Germany who's never been) would love this place!")  We rented Yukon Denali, only this Denali didn't come with 4-wheel drive.  Given that we were only renting it for the 4WD, my first question is why would they even make a truck like that without 4WD?  If you have an answer, I would love to hear it. 

Side note, Kevin turned 13.  I asked him if he felt like a teenager, which he said no, but then said yes to feeling angst-y and annoying. So I told him he could only do that for a day.  I hope he listens!

We played games in the car, and sang Christmas carols.  By the time we got up to Leavenworth, it was so cold, I ended up having to keep Percy in his bag for warmth. 

Lucas: Zach I just proclaimed my hangeryness.

Lucas shared his pretzel with Nicki and she was very excited so I felt the need to point out, "That doesn't make him a better cousin." I don't think she believed me though.

A lot of us got pickles, and I was the only one that didn't need a steak knife to cut it.  Yeah, that probably doesn't mean anything to you, unless you really know me and then you know that this is big freakin' deal.

We elected Lucas to give a toast in memory of Uncle Ray as it was his birthday weekend.  Reminding him to be warm, and loving without causing Aunt Pat to cry.  Easy Peasy! I had total confidence in him, but still made some jokes to make sure no one else cried either.  And it was a success!

And finally, Zach told us a story about him and his friends going for a hike during boy scouts when one friend found an Oreo on the trail, ate it and then said,  "What? 3 week rule."

Much Love,
Update 12/12 - 12/18

Hi Friend!

December, as always, is a bit of a mad dash to get presents, finish up projects so you can take some time off, and get as much merry in as you can.  This year more so as I was headed to NY on 12/16.  I heard that there was going to be a storm that was going to start at 6 am, the exact time when I was arriving.  Hoping that Sean didn’t have plans at 5 am on a Saturday, I asked if he could maybe swing by and pick me up.  He decided which car he’d be less upset about if we slid into a guard rail, and like a prince on a white jeep, showed up bright and stormy to pick me up!

It was a long trip home, but I really appreciated the effort and the extra quality time with Sean.  As we were nearing Sean’s house Momela called.

Momela: Are the roads good?
Me: No... I wouldn't say that
Sean: For sleigh riding.

That evening, we all invited ourselves to Kenny’s house for a quick holiday gathering.  It was like the Christmas party but without the thought and planning ahead of time.   Actually, it was a blast.  Mo got a cake for Doreen and Kenny’s birthday, but Kenny was upset that Sean’s name wasn’t on it (like it used to be for my parent’s party) so Mo wrote Sean on a small piece of paper and stuck it to the cake.  I thought this was hilarious, Kenny was pleased that it was fixed, and Sean was mortified. 

Oh, I think maybe one of the trees fell down b/c someone said, “Sounds like all of our Christmas hopes and dreams crashing to the ground.”

And before the party we went to 5:30 mass b/c Kyle was an alter server but mass was pretty packed and so either Pat or Kyle said, “Looks like a lot of people are getting it out of the way tonight.” And either way it was funny.

Sunday night I had to head down to the city for work, but I took a list of cool places to go with me from Sean so I’d look hip and cool if anyone asked me to be a New Yorker.  And I totally went to a lot of the places (if not this trip a future one in Feb) so thanks buddy!  Maybe more importantly though, I took a picture with tree in Rockefeller plaza.  Woot!

Oh and I added some pictures of Percy and a WIP of the light house!

Much Love,


Update 12/19 - 12/25

Hi Friend!

Had to work for a couple of days in NY.  It was kind of awesome and made me fall in love with my job all over again.  Also got to spend some time with my co-workers walking around the city and listened to my boss complain about Cabbage that is used as flowers/decoration. 

After the work part of the week was over, Bailey and I took a road trip to PA to visit Julie and Nick.  Bails had a bunch of questions about the PA Dutch and PA in general to which I said, “That’s a great question, Julie will know!” And she totally did.  Like do they really have 6 fingers, and what’s the difference between the Amish and the PA dutch?

We took a lovely walk around the neighborhood because it was a gorgeous day, and then we made Christmas Cookies! 

I also got to go to my nephews Boy Scout badge ceremony thingy.  It was pretty cute, because I’ve never been to one before and also because my nephews are cool. 

On Sean’s birthday, Stacey made some kind on schnitzel? And Bails made potato pancakes and they were so delicious.  At one point, someone was complaining about exes and etiquette to which Sean said, “You invite your ex to ever holiday!”

Earlier in the week, Jackie had told her classmates and teachers that she had Angina and wouldn’t be in class the following day because clearly her mom was going to have to take her to the hospital.  Under protest, Stacey brought her to the doctor to find out that those pills she was taking daily that she was supposed to drink a full glass of water with?  Well she wasn’t and it was causing her discomfort.  Or Angina, definitely one of those. 

Sean for Jeep accessories, so I got him a Hula girl! And a Penn State cover for his tire, but mostly a Hula girl.  Christmas was perfection.  We had Christmas Eve at my parents’ house where they proceeded to completely spoil us.  Like really, really spoil us with presents, food and so much love.  Maureen broke the bench in living room and felt really bad for it, only Morgan had broken it before and pretended like she didn’t, and what neither of them knew was that Kevin had actually broken in a year ago. 

Christmas proper was spent at Church and then Maureen’s house where we played some Balderdash and I actually knew a couple of the words, so I thought it was great day.  Oh, and here are some pictures, including the infamous “Prune Men” that Sean made 25 years ago!

 Much Love,

Update 12/26 - 1/1

Hi Friend!

Sean took his fam to Cali for the Rose Bowl game to see Penn State.  He's such a good alumnus! Jackie had been talking about how they were going clubbing all week, but I don't think they quite got there.  I got sick the day after Christmas with this horrible hacking cough that made me think I was going to stop breathing and die.  Sadly, Frita had the same thing, and we basically hacked for a week.  At one point, I took DayQuil so I could play some Canasta and after one game I couldn't do it anymore and just fell asleep.  On DayQuil! One morning I woke up, took my comforter onto the living room couch and asked for Maleficent because I had been dreaming about that movie fondly all night.  It was rough week, to say the least.

Someone called something a Fixer Downer, and even though I don't remember the reference, it's still a funny thing to say.  

Frita told me a story about Nana saying, "Look at that old lady! If she's going that slow she shouldn't be walking. Hit her!" I'm not sure if that's true entirely, but heh. 

Finally, we rang in the New Year at Sue and Dan's with games & friends. 

Jim: Dylan what happened to all the strawberries?
Dylen: Ate 'em.

Oh, and here's a text from Dr. Rach that I thought was funny:

Sorry to hear your were sick, but glad it was good anyway. My Christmas was also awesome. We're back in Seattle now.  We're not at a party per se, but we are sitting on our couch doing a crossword and trying to stay up until 9:00 to watch the ball drop on the east coast, so that's something.

Happy 2016 and 17!

Much love,


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