Saturday, May 6, 2017


Hi Friend!

Started the week by wrapping up the weekend in Oregon and driving back home.  Zach launched his kick starter for Adorable Monsters, FINALLY.  Such a great game and I can’t wait all of you to be able to play it!

I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but my foot has been killing me for like two years, and I hurt it even worse this week.  Can’t even remember how, but I’m not about to pass up an opportunity to whine about it.

I hung out with Zach, Lucas and Dawne during the week.  Nothing too crazy but I have a couple of random quotes that made me giggle.

Lucas: I'm my mom’s daughter.

We obviously had a brunch date because I have some entries from Mo, Shana & Jen.

Me: Mo just called Brando a rapist.  (Brando is a dog.)

And even less context:
made these myself
Priced them ourselves I see

Jen got back from her summer on the sea.  She told us a lot of good stories about being a seafaring family but the best ended with Jen acquiring a new nick name, “Smokin ass hot.”

And isn’t that enough?


Update 9/12-9/18

Hi Friend,

Ryan and I did some loose adulating as we went to the grocery store at lunch and came out with Gatorade, Gum, Gummie Bears, and Starbucks double shots. 

Ryan: I only like root beer when it's poured over ice cream.

Me: I wonder if there will be a day when there isn't Jon Bonet Ramsey on the front page of the tabloid.

Me: I walk faster in the ER than that woman.
Ryan: I walk faster when I have no where to go

Me: Do you know how postage works?
Lucas: Forever is forever
Me: What the hell, put 4 on.
Lucas: What! Those are long term investments there!

At this point it was still pretty hot, after a long dry summer.  One afternoon, Dawne and Jordan we’re paddle boarding when they saw smoke up above.  Not knowing what house it was coming from, they ran up to find that the neighbors trees had lit on fire.  Another neighbor had already started hosing them down.  The following day, the same thing happened.  It turns out that in a freak accident, the sun was hitting the neighbors car at such an angle that it was bouncing through the windshield and lighting the super dry trees across the street on fire.  Luckily, there were people home both times (during the work day no less) that were able to put it out before it did any more damage.  Crazy though, right?

Dawne bought new baby puzzles for the pups and Percy became totally obsessed.  He can two two of the puzzles really well actually.  I guess Dawne is just looking for ways to entertain herself during the rainy months. 

I was invited to a puppy birthday party by a co-workers.  Percy thoroughly enjoyed all of Wednesday’s toys, and then we left.  To be fair we had to run to Kelly’s house warming party that was in totally the opposite direction.  When we arrived, Zach was the only one there, and had been there for a while.  This is what happens when you’re on time to a party in Seattl.

Mo (an adult) had been drinking a lot of soda to which Laina (his wife) commented, “He's hoing to be real hard to put down to sleep tonight.”

After the party, Dawne, Jordan and I went to go see Bridget Jones’ Baby and proceeded to laugh hysterically the entire time.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend (even though Erika said the book wasn’t as good.) 

More pics including another sneak peek inside the brown house. 

Much Love,


Update 9/19-9/25

My friend Carla told me that said she couldn't go on this trip with me and when I called to cancel the guy at reservations was like "You're going to have a great time traveling by yourself.  You'll be in a single room .... But maybe not for long."  Thanks stranger!

It’s possible I messed this up, but this was actually the week that someone broke into the Jeep at the park… not the other time that I will write about in the future.  (Catching up after a year is harder than it looks.)

Dawne and I continued to take long walks at the park with the pups (despite the break in) and I think Jordan was out of town because I also spent a lot of time at her house after work.  We started watching This is Us and The Good Place and enjoyed them thoroughly.   I did try to go to the park without Dawne over the weekend, and I don’t know if Percy could smell the other dogs or what but he was darting a block ahead of me and then running back and forth the whole time (presumably frustrated by how slow I walk.)  Either way, he was happy to get back to the car. 

I spend some time trying to get a new dog food for Percy.  I don’t know if I mentioned Percy’s hunger strikes, but he can go over two days refusing to eat until I worry that he’s too tiny to go that long and I break down and give him what he wants (you would too!)  So I spent the weekend trying to feed him 20 different foods and with an array of food he refused all of them.  Not until I took a couple of pieces and hid it in his puzzle would he even try them.  Such a weirdo. 

Kelly got a camper! Not really news for me, but since I have pictures, I’ll share!

Janette came for a visit (and her sister!) I brought over a bunch of ice cream and cookies (to remind her how awesome I am) and we spent the evening catching up.  Love that girl!


Much Love,


Update 9/26-10/2

I sent a picture of pasta to the only pasta expert I know (Bails) and she totally knew the name of the pasta right away.  We also rediscovered Pomegranate, and now Ryan and I go on a steady rotation to Pomegranate, Village Café and Panera.  (And continue to do so for the following 8 months at least!)

The park was getting super cool with some misty fog.  It's kind of awesome while the sun is still out an glorious, not so much when it looks like that sad horse dying scene in Never ending story. 

My brother shaved his head once again for "Shave for a Cure." Well he had it shaved, b/c Frita definitely took a chance at the razor!  So proud of him!

I dusted off my creative cobwebs and helped Erika figure out a costume for an Oktoberfest party.  Too bad she doesn't live closer because I obviously have a couple of those lying around. 

Apparently, the person who cleans my house has been not putting the recycling in the recycling bin (for maybe the last year).  I only know because the two times she came this month, a neighbor had gotten fed up and brought the recycling back to my front door.  At first I totally didn't get it, but once I did, I kinda thought it was hilarious (and also felt bad) but mostly thought it was funny.  

Overheard at work, with no context. "Unless you're dating a minor." So that can rattle around in your brain too. 

Finally, we wrapped the weekend with going to lunch at Maltby Café, walked around a flower store and gardens, and then went to get blue and pink pumpkins!


Much Love,


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