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JUNE 2016

Hi Friend

Really stretching the memory muscles!  I know Laina got an ad in the mail for a cleaning service called "Monica Gellar" which is pretty brilliant.  And Kelly said, "It's going to be so hot out this weekend I'm going to get a new freckle." Man do I miss those days!

I also stopped bringing Percy to his day care and started meeting Dawne and Aunt Pat at the park in the morning.   Then Dawne takes Percy home with her during the day and my dog is the happiest little ball of fur ever. 

We had brunch at Laina's where she got me flowers and a Sprite because apparently that keeps flowers fresh longer. So it was a gift of flowers AND knowledge.  Then we brought up that time that someone came over to Laina's and threw a tantrum because she doesn't have salt in the house, and laughed and laughed.  And then I think these were new nicknames for babies or pets?  I don't know.  
Skin kitten
Fur baby

And this?
Shana: Who needs ankles?
Rach: It's cool, he's like 98% cartilage

And this?
What if the boat explodes
Then we're in this together.

Dr Rach, Dr Anders and Anderson and I went for a walk on Alki after Laina's and we saw someone who must have been having a Quinciera (SP) otherwise she just does what she wants at her wedding.  And then who knows what happened for the rest of the weekend... prob TV and sleep tho, if I were a betting girl. 


Much Love,


Update 6/6 - 6/12

Hi Friend,                    

So for the first couple of days I was picking up coffee on my way to meet Dawne and then I guess she thought that was silly, because she just took the cups one day and started making coffee for us at her house.  Now that is recycling.  I think we used those same cups for almost a month. 

Co-worker: My apartment complex has a pool. It also has many children. I would enjoy exactly one of those things.

My other co-worker Corrinne's Bunko group had a "bring a friend" night and she invited me! It was pretty fun, plus someone made these epic melting snowmen cookies. 
Should we split it?
No we want fighting

I feel like this was a quote from Lucas because I definitely remember him talking about Swatches, specifically the Special X Edition, but I don't remember the context - still it's kind of amusing.
Masters bc all my friend have one and bachelors is looked down on

Actually, I definitely think at this point Lucas was living with me, and he had this conversation with someone at his film class.
What powers does your crystal have?
I have to catch the bus bye bye

Since going to college, Lucas is becoming a total rice snob so I made Lucas get some Cambodian rice. Why?  Because if I learned anything while I was in Cambodia, it's that they have the number 1 rice!

After about a week, I explained to Luke that the Jesus quote was from my birthday party decorations.  Did I mention it was above the sink for instead of a mirror so my Jewish cousin had to read it while he was brushing his teeth?  Also, right after I had this conversation, I dropped the glass bottle of frankincense which spilled all over the floor. And then a couple of days later, a bottle of Worchester sauce broke on the floor moments before I was walking out the door. I guess thank goodness for tile floors but UGH! 

Me: Sorry I'm not going to make it to your graduation.  Maybe I can call your name and you can walk across a fake stage and then toss an imaginary hat into the air when you get here.
Bails: Sounds good.  I found the best imaginary had last week, it was on sale for 3000% off.  I'll bring it with me if I have room in my bag. 

Pics (including the beginnings of a lighthouse!)

Much Love,


Update 6/13 – 6/19

Hi Friend!

Ooh! A new fancy hipster Taco bell opened near my house, so that’s exciting.  I also asked a co-worker, Joey, to watch Percy, Nala and Casper, but just for one night, and really just to give them love until the dog walker could come the following day.  He was really gracious about it – and the pups definitely appreciated it.  I know, because I asked. 
I went down to LA for E3, while D&J and fam went down to Disney and totally got the whole fam into the 33 Club.  And I started rewatching some Grey’s Anatomy because I’m weird, and also because it’s such a crazy drama! If you watch them tight together it’s kinda crazy the whirlwind that we’ve all gone through together.

Someone asked me where the Xbox booth was at one point, while I we were standing in the booth. 

I’m pretty sure that Chelsea told me, “I am mildly allergic to very sharp cheeses.” And if she didn’t someone did and I thought their problems were amusing.  

Chelsea: It sounds like a club in here, “Douche douche douche”
Me: Is that what it sounds like?
Chelsea: Yeah, every time I hear it I think, “Drink drinks drinks”

My very talented co-worker was waiting for Windows to update and ended up drawing me this awesome Warthog.  So I totally framed his “doodle.”  I also ordered my fancy customized pink and blue Xbox controller and it’s so pretty that I have it on display in my house like an art piece. 

And I tested out the flexibility of the new action figures are, and the answer is VERY flexi.  The “Cheerio” challenge was thing this week, so Erika’s husband tested it out on his baby. 

Coworker James...
It's 4 o'clock on a Friday, what do you want? 

And Anderson turned one!
Bob: Weren't you on the front page of the paper with a hammer?
Anders: Yes
Bob to other son (I think?): And you were on it with a purse? 

Bailey graduated High School.  When she decorated her cap her OTHER aunts both, separately asked, What is UMI – AMI? *sigh* And Bailey’s other friend decorated hers with “Because my Hogwarts letter never came” and in smaller letters “Harvard 2020.”  

And because it was also father’s day:
How do you know if it’s a Dad Joke?
It’s apparent 

Pics of all of the above here:

Much Love,

Update 6/20 - 6/26

Hi Friend,

Bailey came to visit! On her flight over she sat next to a Serbian who spoke to her for about 2 of the 5 hours and she only heard every 4th word.

Zach came over, and then we headed over to Dawne's to make s'mores.

Bails: I'm going to tell dad I need one of these.
Me: A fire pit?
Bails: No, a lake.

Me: When is your game coming out?
Zach: I said it would out by Christmas...I didn't say what year.

After a long day of going to Elliot Bay Book Company, the library, half price books, Molly Moon's, Blick and generally running around the city. 
Me: What do you want to do next?
Bails: I just want to go home, cuddle with a dog, watch parks and rec and drink some club soda.
(Oh, yeah, we introduced Bails to Parks and Rec!)

One day got up, had waffles, and then we went on a little hike near Snoqualmie Falls. There was something else here because I remember dropping Zach off and then picking him back up later but anyway that night we went to Capitol Hill and saw the beginnings of Pride Week, including some assless chaps and a mini-pre-parade.  Bails said she had never been to a parade, so we got up early the next day to go to the real Pride Parade.  I might have pushed the limits of our weekend because we had to run from the Parade, to the lake for boating, bbq and lake fun.  And then we had to rush off to a Dog Film festival that was made with, by and for dogs.  Bails and I each took a yorkie so we could match while watching the "less serious" half the films.  As soon was that done we rushed back to XXX Root beer for floats and fries. 

Pretty sure that I missed some events - like going to the grocery store because that's apparently fun thing to do with me because I shop like a 5 year old.  But you get the basic idea!

Much love,


Update 6/27 - 7/3

Hi Friend,

More fun with Bails this week!  Including flying to Victoria! It was really fun, especially because I've never been on a seaplane or been to Victoria.  We checked out a book store, and walked around town before heading to the empress hotel for high tea. Wait! I remember what we did in that last note, we shopped for big floppy hats to wear while we drank tea! Or Club Soda depending on who you are. 

Bails: 66 flavors is too overwhelming - what am I going to do?
Me: Get Mint and Chocolate like you always do?

Bails: We accomplished so much today.
Me: Like what?
Bails: Victoria

We separated from the group a little and walked the city and then went to the miniatures museum and then to the bug museum was actually pretty cool. 

Bails: Do you think my mom would get mad if I moved to Canada?

On Tuesday, went to the dog park, and then Norm's (the dog bar) for lunch, checked out the Fremont troll, strolled around town, and then I brought Bails to Archie McPhees.  I also took her to my office so she could take a picture with Chief, and we did another little boat ride.  I'm not sure if it was  because we essentially ate waffles, fries and ice cream exclusively on the trip but Bails definitely announced, "Bails: I like Washington." So I'm going to call it a very successful trip!  I was very sad to see her go on Wednesday.  She texted me from the plane with her empty row. 

Bails: Tell Lucas that Me, Myself, and I are going to have a great flight!
Lucas: They're going to New York without me??? What jerks.

Becky's parents were in town and helping her do some work on her house (which in about 10 months was going to come in very handy for me!)  I met her and her parent's at the Malt n Vine and they taught me how to play Hand and Foot.  Or at least I learned for that evening and now I have no idea.  I can definitely see how Becky is related BTW!

In other news, Matty got a new puppy, Pete (I think I accidentally post pictures of Pete and Matty on Aug 28th with no explanation.  So you can look forward to that in a bit, but he's super cute!)

And then to wrap up the weekend, I just got really sick and stayed in bed.  Lucky for you, I didn't take pictures of that!

Much love,


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