Saturday, May 6, 2017


The HOA finally forced me to pay three times as much as I needed to move the wall back to its original location.  And it happened this week!   In other news, I watched Piper while Kelly went to a wedding.  Piper is a gem and incredibly cuddly.  Percy is not cuddly, but damn if he’s going to let someone else get cuddly with me.  I thought the whole thing was hilarious.  I worked from home on Friday rather than leave them alone together all day.  Work was tricky because of the piper in my lap, but we got through it.  I also went to the park a couple of times with Ryan and Aunt Par so we were rolling 7 dogs deep – talk about a pack!

Me at work: Dum Dums. Speaking of which that sounds delicious.

I met Dr. Rach for Trivia Night at Norms.
Me:Finally: knowing every song on Mariah Carey's Music Box has helped me in life.
Dr. Rachel: oh I think it's helped you a lot in life.

And I think that covers my week!

Much Love,


Update 8/8 - 8/14

Hi Friend,

My friend’s sister was in the Olympics again, and I spend a good portion of this week just being in awe of her. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, Julia had a baby!  Miss Henrike! And the whole family is adorable and perfect!

The weekend was spent going to the Ape Caves or lava tubes followed by camping.  In a Camper, but how else would you do it?

Starbucks: It's a beautiful day what are you doing?
Becky: Hanging out in a cave.

Becky told like three stories about villages / people dying and how fascinated she was. I think one was about the Carnegie Mellon family and the other was about Mt. St. Helen.  But since I don’t remember the whole thing, let’s just ask her again next time we see her. 

Watching Lucas start a fire:
Me: Teepee style, that's highly irregular.
Lucas: Ron does teepee style.
Me: I don't hang out with Ron.
Lucas: Yeah, this is strictly a log cabin family.

Then I went to see how Zach’s group was setting up to find that they had already started a fire.  Log Cabin Style inside of a TeePee.  #eaglescouts

Tristin: The smoke feels like it's in my face no matter where I go
Lucas: It follows beauty.

Dawne (first thing in the morning): How long do we have to wait until we can make coffee.
Me: Why would we have to wait?!

Pete said to me: Have you ever seen Frozen? Yeah, Camping and Sandy are just so intense, put them together and it just makes sense!

Me: Good thing there wasn't any bears bc we left hamburgers on the grill.
Sandy: We were daring them.

Finally, Lucas bought a ton of Crystal Pepsi and I thought I had traveled back in time.  Although, truthfully, when I think of Crystal Pepsi, I also think of that SNL skit with the Crystal Gravy…

Much Love,


Update 8/15 - 8/21

Hi Friend!

I started the week with a little work trip down to LA for the day.  At our meeting I was asked to review something.
Me: How should I deliver these notes?
Ben: Just be as direct as possible.
Me: I meant, do you want me to write them on this paper, or…

On the way back, James and I flew through TSA Pre-Check and got some beers while we waited for Corrinne and KP. We were talking about nicknames, trying to figure out the many nicknames for William, and why people are never called Billiam.  You know, the usual.  Corrinne started getting worried about getting on the plane so they headed to the gate while James and I finished our beers.  When we got to the gate and there was a long line to get on the plane, we breezed past Corrinne and KP because, First Class.  It was the most satisfying upgrade experience that I have ever had in that I giggle for a good 10 min.  

Corrinne (seeing me in seat 1A):Is this you, seriously?
Me: Uh huh
Corrinne: See ya later, giggles.

I had to bring/sneak Percy into work for 30 min and within that time a co-worker squealed, “PUPPY!” so my cover was totally blown.  It was also super nice out, so I met up with Kelly and her mom, Beverly at the park. 

Bev: Babies, puppies and horses: the only reason for Facebook.

Bailey moved into school down at University of Miami!

The biggest event for me this week was my parents and their friends Mary Jo and Dick driving in from New York.  They also brought me a bunch of stuff like fancy china and paintings.  Even more exciting, Dick actually hung up the pictures and this gigantic and heavy mirror.  And then I had a party on the hottest day in Seattle history, and Raymond brought a mirror for my bathroom and hung it up.  Also exciting!

I took them all  to work, Alki Beach, the library and to the Olympic Game farm.  I bought a couple loaves of bread because I remember the moose and bison from the last time we went.  So as we were approaching the intense area, I told my mom to get ready.  She carefully pulls a part all of the bread into little pieces and piles them up on her lap.

Me: Are you ready?
Momela: Yup.
Me: Are you sure?
Momela: Yes.
(30 seconds later after a pack of moose and bison tried to get into the car with us and my mom had just thrown all of the bread in her lap out the window.)

Me: How was it in your car?
Dick: Dawne really wanted to take good picture, so I had to hold out my hand and get slobbered.
Me: So a different approach then our car.

One night, I decided to amaze and wow partially because I didn’t feel like running to pick up half and half and partially because I can.  I ordered Ben & Jerry’s for everyone from Amazon Prime now and within the hour we had dinner!

It was so lovely to have my parents here, and that they got to meet my friends and see my place.  Even it was a little less spacious with the wall moving.  Dick helped put the insulation and sheet rock up on the new walls which was awesome (and also allowed me to avoid finishing this project until the end of April.)  My mom had gotten lyme’s disease a couple of months before so making the trip was a herculean effort and I really appreciated it.  Oh! I almost forgot! I went to the pot store for the first time and got my mom some pot ointment! I told my brother I was doing this and he was kind of appalled making it even more fun!

Lucas: Why me?
Me: You’re stronger.
Lucas: But I'm lazier!
(I’m pretty sure this was Lucas, but it sounds like Kevin too!)

And because my friends near and far crack me up…
Erin: Stranger things is giving me nightmares.  Why won't Winona comb her hair?
Erin: If you want people to take you seriously, and think you're not crazy, run a brush through it.  You're not Doc Brown.

For more pictures that actually go with this post, see next week!


Update 8/22 - 8/28

Hi Friend,

Some of my trip with my parents was this week, but I wrote about it last week.  And then I included the pictures here.  Writing is hard.  And harder even when you wait a year to write about your week.  So I’ll try to focus on what happened when my parents left.  I think they left on a Wednesday and then my sister arrived on Thursday.  So I got a day of work in, which meant I came into office to find my entire desk covered in Halo bags.  NBD

Maureen came into town so that we could got to see the I Love the 90’s concert at Marymoor Park.  Such artists who were there included Young MC, Tone Loc, Coolio, Color me Badd, All-4-One, Rob Base and SALT-N-PEPA! 

Before the concert, Mo and I were playing a game listening to some SNP when Maureen told me, “If I ever became a millionaire, I would ask Salt N Pepa to give me a private concert where they sing all of their songs in the exact order of their albums.”

We had VIP tickets so we got free food, adult beverages and capri suns.  Did I mention we also got matching shirts?  Yeah.  Every other concert I have been to at Marymoor is super chill.  People sitting on blankets and chairs with wine and cheese, swaying to the music.  I tried to explain this to Mo and she thought I was crazy.  Well I was crazy I guess, because this place was maxed out on people, and everyone there was ready to party.  I haven’t had that much jumping around and dancing since frat parties in college.  At one point, these two ladies tried to step in front of us, and Mo was having none of it.  Lucas was talking to me and I had to tell him to wait a moment as my sister was about to get into a rumble.  When the words, “You think you can take me?” we’re uttered, my sister said yes, but her knee was saying hell no. In a brilliant move, when the lady pushed her, Mo turned to her security guard friend and said, “Excuse me, did you see that?” and the issue was immediately resolved.  Wahoo!  Quite possibly the best time I have ever had at a concert. 

Time for the random quotes portion of this update.
Lucas: they should just call nachos mine.

Me: And it gets cold at night
Lucas: Starts in the heart.

Does this mean nothing to you?!
I don't know where your shoes have been.

On Sunday, we went to the dog park and then we went to the Ballard Farmer’s market where we bought corn on the cob for later.  And because we were so close, I called Dr. Rach to see if she wanted to come meet us for lunch.

Dr. Rach: Anderson first word gentle
Dawne: Luke’s first words were stop stop and put that down.
Moments later, as we were talking about Always Sunny, Anderson clearly said, “Danny Devito” and now when we tell that story, I’m claiming that those were his first words. 

And then we finished up the night watching Criminal Minds because Mo got me to watch it saying that Garcia was EXACTLY like me and then suddenly I was watching all 10 seasons. 

More soon!


Update 8/29 - 9/4

Hi Friend,

On Monday & Tuesday, Mo and I went to go see Bad Mom’s (which was the highest of hilariouses.)  We had brunch at the Space Needle after walking through the Chihuly Garden’s.  And we also went to the park with Dawne and Mo spent some time with Dawne while I had to go to work for a bit.  Then I picked up Maureen, and dragged her to Kirkland to help me set up for a partner summit.  After a tiny bit of work, we went back to the office for a little cocktail party with all of my partners.  Maureen was, as always, funny, charming and everyone fell in love with her instantly.  Before I knew it though, I had to drive her to the airport but at least I got her sufficiently buzzed so she could sleep on the red eye out. 

The following two days was when we had like 100 partners in town so it was filled with meetings and dinners and other fun work activities.   We were approaching labor day weekend and Kelly had put me on hold for a weekend trip in case someone else wanted to go with her.  Luckily for me, I got the call Thursday that I was being taken off hold and had plans for the weekend! (I genuinely thought this was funny, so don’t take it as passive aggressive.)

We drove down to the Oregon Coast to Cannon Beach where Kelly had rented an Airbnb.  As we passed some farms Kelly said, “Look at all of those sheep - Toms people!” (Because he’s from NZ)

Me: Don't let it freak you out that this bridge were about to go on looks like it's falling apart.
Kelly: It does! Why are we going on this!
Me: Go faster!!

We were able to walk to get coffee, bars, and the beach to which Kelly said, “I'm so glad our house is so close!”

We took lots and lots of pictures, including finding a crab and putting sunglasses on him.  And on Piper.  But not on Percy (because his nose is too small.)  I had a hard time figuring out the lamp next to the bed though because it was a touch lamp and would turn on fairly randomly during the night. 

The pups rolled in a LOT of dead things, but we avoided having them try to roll in the dead sea lion. And then after rolling in all of the dead things, of course Percy wanted to snuggle up next to my face and take a nap.  After having them run on the beach all day, we came home for about 20 minutes and then looked at the tuckered out pups and asked, “Wanna go on another walk?”  And they did.  

I introduced Kelly to the Golden Girls.
Me: Okay, that’s the slutty one.
There's a slutty one??

It was an absolutely perfect finish to a really incredible couple of weeks! So glad that other chick canceled so I could go!

Much Love,


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